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Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre.

– Gail Goldwin

Kilcrohane, Ireland

Kilcrohane, Ireland

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Rolls Royce in the Air

In mid-July, I was asked to assist in locating people’s names for a historical research regarding Rolls Royce, Oberursel. Four days later, I found myself sitting on a Lufthansa flight to London and looking out the window, I was reminded of the task – by the logo.

Rolls Royce, so close to home right here in Oberursel, is also a safe travel companion.

Once again, if you can help identify any of these people in the photos from this post Changing Hands from Motor Pool to Rolls Royce, Oberursel in 1956, then we would love to hear from you.

Rolls Royce in the Air


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Quote of the Day

Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.

– George Washington –

Montbretia near Asdee, Ireland

Montbretia near Asdee, Ireland

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1918, French POW in Germany and a Hidden Message

About 15 years ago, while visiting my hometown of Hambach in northern Bavaria, we discovered a pie safe in the attic of my parents’ farm home.

We took a closer look and founds this inscription on the inside of its back.

Fait par un prisonnier Français. Le 5 Juillet 1918,

Hambach     Genty Albert …73…

We decided to return it to its rightful owners, his descendants, someday. That ‘someday’ has come as my brother has sold his house now and we had to move it to another storage space for now.

The time has finally come to do some inquiries.

Genty Albert - un prisonnier Francais

My social media friends contributed this link in my search for Albert Genty’s descendants. His name is mentioned in the left-hand column, 9th one up from the bottom.

Liste officielle des prisonniers de guerre

Liste officielle des prisonniers de guerre

The list is more legible if you read it from the website: http://gallica.bnf.fr/m/ark:/12148/bpt6k5770231v/f29.textePage

Again, my social media friends directed me to another possible source: a D. Genty in Champigny-sur-Yonne, and I inquired, but they are not related. My search continues. From Monsieur Genty, I just got a polite ” Non, ce n’est pas un de mes ancêtre. Merci.”

Next, I will be looking for a local historian who might be interested in obtaining this chest of drawers for the local museum, etc.

To my readers: If you have any information on how to locate any descendants of Albert Genty, or know of anyone who would appreciate this historical piece of furniture, I would be most grateful.

It is currently stored in a village near Schweinfurt, Germany.

Pie safe made by POW Albert Genty in Germany

Pie safe made by POW Albert Genty in Germany in 1918

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40-Year Commemoration for Colonel King held in Oberursel (1986)

In 1986, and almost 30 years ago, a memorial ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary of the naming of Camp King in honor of the late Colonel Charles B. King was held at Camp King in Oberursel.

40-year memorial ceremony Camp King King invitation inside

4th Transportation Command

My friend, Hanns-Claudius Scharff, generously gave me permission to publish these bits of Camp King memorabilia on the blog.

“My dad, together with author Ray Toliver, were invited to this celebration and the unveiling of a cenotaph in honor of Colonel King.”

Charles B. King cenotaph

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