Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

Early Saturday morning, we dropped off our daughter for her school trip to Poland. They went from Frankfurt by ICE to Berlin Ostbahnhof (took 4:30 hrs), then switched to EC for Poznan Gl (2:30 hrs). Then they hopped on a bus which took them to their final destination, Torun (4 hrs).

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Some Fun Facts about Germany



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Annie Jacobsen and Operation Paperclip – Book Research in Germany

In the summer of 2012, the author Annie Jacobsen sent me an e-mail inquiring whether she could meet Mr. Kopp, our Camp King Historian, and me on her trip to Germany the following month.

She came to do her research on Nazi Germany for her book Operation Paperclip, and then the three of us toured various sites together. She initially had asked me to function as her interpreter, which was not necessary, because Mr Kopp’s English is close to fluent. For our warm-up session and discussing the day’s agenda, we started out at our local pizzeria :-) .

Ms Jacobsen and Mr Kopp

Ms Jacobsen and Mr Kopp

Ms Jacobsen in front of the Mountain Lodge, Oberursel

Ms Jacobsen in front of the Mountain Lodge, Oberursel


More about Ms Jacobsen’s visit in August 2012 here at: A Visit to Schloss Kransberg.

This book is also available on Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America

Mr. Kopp just sent me a note, reminding me of Operation Paperclip having gotten published on 11 Feb of this year. And we were both mentioned in her acknowledgements on page 665.

Thanks for the mention, Annie. We had an interesting day with you as well.

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German Lesson: Schnapszahl

The German term Schnapszahl (schnapps number) is a number made up of identical digits. We often see this as a good-luck charm, such as in license-plates, dates, the bill at the cash-register, rolling the dice in parlor games, etc.

What is a Schnapszahl? At the supermarket, if your bill is 5,55, you might wonder if it is your lucky day and then run off to play the lottery.

But the real meaning behind the schnapps and number probably stems from alcohol, in this case obviously the schnapps. We might see double numbers, when our alcohol intake has been too much. Hence, Schnapszahl. Too much schnaps, double or even triple the number.
In games, such as darts and dice, if a player gets a Schnapszahl, he/she might have to buy a round of schnapps.

We’ve got half a Schnapszahl at the moment with 2211 Likes. We’re getting there.

Post by Learn German.

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German Lesson: Kontor

Quite a few summers ago, I picked up this little Kontor sign at a flea market and attached it to the office door.

The meaning of it gets questioned by old and young, by Germans and foreigners alike. Kontor is the old German word for office.

From Wikipedia: A kontor was a foreign trading post of the Hanseatic League. In addition to the major kontore in London, Ipswich, Bruges, Bergen, and Novgorod, some ports had a representative merchant and a warehouse. …

* Niederlassung eines Handelsunternehmens im Ausland

* Büro

* Geschäftsraum, Handelshaus


The word Kontor is derived from the Latin verb computare (to calculate).

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