Homemade Turkish Breakfast: Menemen

When I was in Istanbul in late September, our hostess took us out for breakfast. I asked for a recommendation, and got Menemen, a so-called spicy dish, because of the garlic, chili peppers, and Turkish salami in it. It only made me smile. Hey, I’ve had Korean kimchi for breakfast.

The next morning, I got a cooking lesson from our hostess. Thank you, Gönül T.



This is so easy to make with every-day ingredients. We always have onions and garlic at home. I keep dried peppers on the window sill, and I bought a can of pureed tomatoes from the supermarket. The only extra trip we had to make was to the Turkish market for the special salami (Pastırma or Sucuk). This sausage will last at least for four makings of Menemen.


* 1/2 an onion and one garlic clove

* one can of pureed or diced tomatoes (400 g or 14 oz)

* two large or three small eggs

* shredded cheese of any kind. Feta cheese can also be used.



1. Sauté both chopped garlic and onions until tender.

2. Add can of pureed tomatoes. Let simmer for about 10 -15 minutes until most of the liquid has evaporated.

3. Add sliced chili peppers (dried or fresh).

4. Scramble two large eggs in a separate bowl and slowly add to the simmering mix. Let sit and simmer for another 5 – 10 minutes to make sure the egg within the mix is fully cooked.

5. Add quartered slices of Sucuk or Pastırma (Turkish salami).

6. Stir in the shredded cheese or Feta cubes and after another minute or two of melting, it’s done.

This has become a regular brunch around our home since September of this year. Serve with sliced pieces of French bread. It tastes good warm or cold.

I know there are other versions of this dish – with eggs sunny side up, swimming in the tomato mix. I’ve been told this is the more southern version.

The Turkish family name Menemenci comes from ‘the one who makes Menemen’. The name can be passed on down the family line – to the name Menemencioglu (son of Menemenci).


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Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted on 13 Nov 2015

Applications are invited for the following position:

►        Temporary Elementary School Library Assistant part time, effective immediately until 30 June 2016

Working hours: Wednesday – Friday 8.30 – 15.10

Termed position to cover long term sick leave

Applications should be in writing and directed to Peter Baker with copy to Rita De La Cruz within seven working days of this notice.

More vacancies at FIS employment.

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Quote of the Day

Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.

– Oscar Wilde

paper balls

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Quote of the Day

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

– John Dewey

Eminönü waterfront

Overlooking the Golden Horn, Istanbul

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Old Oberursel Postcards: A3 Tram to Oberursel

In 1973, the tram line 23 became A3 when the line at the southern end of the tunnel going into Frankfurt was extended from the Hauptwache to Theaterplatz.

A3 Oberursel-Hohemark – Heddernheim – Hauptwache – Hauptbahnhof

In 1978, a new timetable was set up on 27 May. At the same time, the tram line A3 was put out of service, and instead, the new U3 connected Hohemark with the Theaterplatz in Frankfurt.

U3 Hohemark – Heddernheim – Theaterplatz.

A3 Hohemark

This postcard shows the area closest to the station Portstraße (coming from Lahnstraße). The same old high-rise buildings on the right are still there today. And just as unpleasant to look at.

The U-Bahn station Portstraße was renamed into Altstadt just in time for the Hessentag 2011 in Oberursel.

To have the U3 public transportation serve the Oberursel community, the city has to pay a yearly due of euro 1.3 million to the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV).

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