Facebook, Friend or Fiend for College and Career

With the article Government Agencies, Colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords, I was again reminded how we need to be aware of all our potential readers. This message I also need to make clear to one of our teenage kids who writes as if there is no tomorrow.

The article list several cases where government agencies and colleges demanded applicants Facebook passwords. Whether this is legal and/or constitutional is not for me to decide.

But please remind your children to use modesty when posting. One of the earliest memories of online posting, was when I asked one of the kids on what to reply to someone’s post. I even asked whether I had to reply and whether silence was considered rude. There were so many things to learn. And instead of getting the occasional sigh from them for my ignorance, I asked the internet. The best answer was: Write as if your mother were standing behind you and reading every word of it.

I thought that was excellent advice.

Not everyone adheres to this,  I have seen some vulgar language on Facebook.

Be careful with your words, you might just have to eat them someday. That is, if you have trouble getting a decent job, because of your Facebook Past.

Read the article: Government Agencies, Colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords.

Girls’ Education Worldwide

Discovered this on facebook:

In many places in the world girls do not have the opportunity to build their own futures. For every video watched, General Mills and Merck will donate $1 to Join My Village, a nonprofit program that gives girls access to education. Together, we can raise enough money to help send up to 5,000 girls to school!

Please help by clicking on Help Send up to 5,000 Girls to School in Malawi. This is an eye-opening two-minute video clip and your viewing can help thousand of girls getting an education. Education can be their way out of early marriage and early motherhood,  and  their means of providing a source of income to escape total poverty.

Should I Twitter?

I blog and use Facebook occasionally. Should I Twitter (a microblogging service) as well or get a life?

Just kidding!

Anyway, after having read When Stars Twitter, a Ghost May be Lurking in the International Herald Tribune, I got curious about this service and visited Ben Curtis’s Twitter. (He and his wife Marina run Notes from Spain, an excellent website for learning Spanish and more.) Even though they have won the Lonely Planet Best Expat Blog Award, I think Ben still does all the twittering himself…

Now if I start Twittering as well, does this make me cool or narcissistic? My friends are on either end of this cyber spectrum.

Enjoy the clip and don’t forget to tweet about it.

[youtube PN2HAroA12w]

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