Should I Twitter?

I blog and use Facebook occasionally. Should I Twitter (a microblogging service) as well or get a life?

Just kidding!

Anyway, after having read When Stars Twitter, a Ghost May be Lurking in the International Herald Tribune, I got curious about this service and visited Ben Curtis’s Twitter. (He and his wife Marina run Notes from Spain, an excellent website for learning Spanish and more.) Even though they have won the Lonely Planet Best Expat Blog Award, I think Ben still does all the twittering himself…

Now if I start Twittering as well, does this make me cool or narcissistic? My friends are on either end of this cyber spectrum.

Enjoy the clip and don’t forget to tweet about it.

[youtube PN2HAroA12w]


  1. Yes! DO Twitter!

    Although you might get to the stage, where you also need a “password guy”… 😉

  2. Yes, I think I am pretty close to the stage of needing a “password guy”.

    But there is also a time beyond that…

    Read this:
    “In case of death, please send e-mail”
    Online social networks becoming as important in death as they are in life:

  3. I don’t twitter but I use FaceBook. I don’t see the need to twitter if you’re already using FaceBook.
    What’s coming up next? We need to have a life.

  4. Jonathan says

    I’m the only “password guy” my wife needs, I think.

  5. In my opinion, Twitter is unnecessary. As the guy in the video said, it is just exhibitionism. I don’t need to know what mundane tasks people are doing every waking moment of the day! It is amazing though how much it is being used. I heard that members of the U.S. congress use it, and I think even the president himself used it at least once. Anyhow, I think I’ll stick with facebook 😉

  6. Yes, the U.S. President is on Twitter, too:

  7. Imagine what would have happened a few years ago, if I’d told you what Twitter and Facebook were going to be:

  8. I have joined twitter since then, but have not been so active.

    There is a report somewhere which stated that 40% of new “Twitterers” do not return after the first month.

  9. @ Laguna

    Спасибо за поощрение!


  1. […] Hier finden Sie ein Video das alle Fragen zu Twitter beantwortet und wenn man es gesehen hat weiß man gleich ob man Twitter braucht oder nicht bzw. ob man Twitter cool findet oder nicht // […]

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