Oberursel, Fountain Queen, and Market Square

Sitting there at the ‘Marktweib’ Restaurant, I caught a glimpse of this year’s Fountain Queen (Brunnenkönigin), Ann-Kathrin I, along with the Brunnenmeister, Rainer. For a better image of her, click here: http://www.vereinsring-oberursel.de/html/brunnenkoenigin.html

2017 Oberursel Fountain Queen and King

Market Square in Oberursel

View onto St. Ursula Church and a couple of restaurants with outdoor seating. A few minutes after having taken this photo, I was sitting there myself with a beer in hand.

In the Altstadt, you can still find a mounting block for horses in front of someone’s door. Those were the days of real horse power.

Oberursel has its charms, and we still discover interesting nooks and corners after having lived here for 22 years.


  1. Judy Baldwin says:

    Hi Maria,
    Do you know someone who could give me a tour of Camp King and Hohe Mark Hospital sometime during the week of July 24th? My father was a POW in the hospital and at Dulag Luft, and I will be in the area re-tracing his experiences that week. I would greatly appreciate talking to someone who knows the area and history.
    Thank you,
    Judy Baldwin

  2. Welcome to Oberursel soon!

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