Scramble – English Word Game

Here is another way to exercise your command of English vocabulary which I first posted a while ago on XING.

There are only two guidelines:

1. I’ll start by posting a five-letter word, and the next person must re-arrange the letters to make a new word. You can also substitute ONE letter, add a letter or drop one, if needed.

2. Each new word should not exceed six letters (past this point it gets to difficult to scramble).

I’ll get us started with this:



Join the game and unscramble your brain!


  1. slice

  2. slide

  3. glide

  4. guile

  5. guide

  6. guise

  7. jung-yeon says:


  8. jung-yeon says:


  9. prose

  10. sport

  11. portal

  12. postal

  13. aposta

  14. Does post work. 2 down! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I forgot the: ? Sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. aposta -> postage

  17. agent

  18. tombstone

  19. Sorry, Margo – we are supposed to scramble the existing letters (we can also add or take a letter off).

    agent ->


  20. gents

  21. sting

  22. ginger

  23. grange

  24. ranger

  25. German

  26. manifesto

  27. tomorrow

  28. Owner

  29. error

  30. terror

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