Overnight in a German Castle

Many visitors to Germany know more about our country’s cultural heritage than some of us Germans, who often tend to leave the country for holidays. I never would have thought of spending the night in a castle myself until…

last weekend, when we were in need of a Bed & Breakfast on our visit to Lower Franconia (two hours from Frankfurt by car). Initially I had planned on finding a cheap pension just to spend the night, but my American husband was having kinglike dreams about a castle and booked us into one.

Barockschloss Zeilitzheim park

Barockschloss Zeilitzheim

View onto the village square at dawn

View from our room onto the village square at dawn

The castle's inner court-yard

The castle's inner courtyard

We not only slept heavenly in the Himmelbett at the Barockschloss Zeilitzheim, but also enjoyed the castle’s historical furnishings, inner courtyard, the garden, a wonderful breakfast, and excellent service. We had booked the Kardinalszimmer with a view onto the village square.

Zeilitzheim lies in the middle of the famous Lower Franconian wine region, close to Würzburg, the region’s capital.

At one time, the castle had been designated a Protected Monument by the Military Government for Bavaria:

Protected Monument in Bavaria

Protected Monument in Bavaria

The installation is under protection of the Office of Military Government for Bavaria and the Bavarian State. Visitors are invited to inspect and use the installation in accordance with local regulation. Vandalism or misuse will be cause for prosecuting the offender and closing the installation to the public.

Issued by the Military Government of Bavaria, by Command of Director OMGB (no issue date available).

... and if I did not have to work for a living, I would love to go castle hopping in Germany for a while.


  1. That sounds so beautiful, You must have enjoyed it fully and forget about life. lol…I have a made a couple of artcraft -particulary poems about the ancient castles in England ..Yorkshire.



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