Medieval Ronneburg Castle in Germany

At our annual Christmas party, sponsored by Frankfurt International School (FIS), I ran into Richard Winn, who is one of the English teachers. Not only does he teach English to the upper school students, but he also knows how to capture rare moments on camera.

I had to compliment once more on the stunning photo he had taken at the Ronneburg Castle. This photo made it into the New York Times photo gallery in 2009.

The castle opens its gates to the public for various events throughout the year. On such an occasion, Richard was able to observe and capture the life portrayed from the medieval times.

Ronneburg Castle in Germany

I quote the following from his entry at the New York Times gallery:

Castle Ronneburg, Hesse, Germany, Sep 12, 2009

This woman was dressed up in medieval clothing and working in the kitchen for a festival at the castle. The room was smoky from an open wood-fired stove, creating this otherworldly light. I was in a real –life Flemish painting. Vermeer could have been standing beside me, painting away. I just moved to Germany from Las Vegas, and am still very much in the honeymoon phase of exploring a new country.

You can browse more photos submitted by readers. from we travel.

 – Photo published with friendly permission by Richard Winn –


The Copper Sign – A Medieval Story

Starting 6 Dec 2011, Katia Fox’s book The Copper Sign has become available in English.

I read the German version about a year ago and was immediately captured by Katia’s writing style. In the end, I read all three books, with the first two The Copper Sign and The Silver Falcon being my favorites.

The second book also got me interested in falconry, which prompted a visit to the same falconry, where Katia had done her research on the topic.

The Copper Sign is a historical novel, set in the 13th century in medieval England. Ellenweore, the main character, is a young girl aspiring to become a sword smith. She manages to enter an apprenticeship and dreams of forging the perfect sword for the King someday.

She has to overcome many obstacles on her journey, all the while depicted as a strong protagonist. This historical fiction, with interesting tidbits along the way, makes for a very good read. The writing is so good that I am contemplating reading the same book once more – in English, this time.

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