Oberursel Rosengaertchen and Camp King in the 1970s

The photo shows the early days of the new housing area ‘Im Rosengärtchen’, completed by 1972, and built in the marshes and fields right next to the U.S. Military Camp King Oberursel.

Since then, the newly planted trees have reached heights past our fourth floor. Also, at the first right turn into the Rosengärtchen, a U-Bahn platform was added on in 1997. Before that, we had the choice of getting off at at the station ‘Kupferhammer’ or ‘An der Waldlust’.

On the bottom right, two of the former U.S. housing buildings can be seen. The building closest to the edge was taken down, when the new German housing area was built. The other original building is still standing and has been rented out to locals.

Some of the playgrounds around the Rosengärtchen look rather abandoned these days. When we first arrived in 1995, we usually found a few moms and kids there. Today’s children are in daycare, and more mothers are returning to work earlier.

Im Rosengärtchen in Oberursel, ca. 1972

Im Rosengärtchen and Camp King Oberursel, 1972 Photo by C.Kreuzer

Thanks to Carsten Kreuzer, who found this photo in his father’s files. His father was the Bauleiter (site manager) of the Rosengärtchen development at that time.

German Lesson: die Brennnessel

The Brennnessel (alternative spelling: Brenn-Nessel) is abundant in Germany. If you or your children brush up to it with your legs, you will feel a burning sensation, hence the name stinging nettle. This burning is caused by a liquid the plant releases onto your skin.

Tip: Always carry a bottle of tap water with you. A quick rinse over the burning skin will give an immediate relief.


Vorsicht! Brennnesseln!

German Lesson: der Altkleidercontainer

Just recently, the city of Oberursel distributed new Altkleidercontainer (recycle container for clothing). The official term is actually Wertstoffsammelbehälter für Altkleider, but most Germans don’t use this term.

The new design is very pretty, showcasing an image of a fountain in Oberursel’s Altstadt. Oberursel is the Brunnenstadt (city of fountains) with close to 50 fountains spread out over the town.

Altkleidercontainer Oberursel

Altkleidercontainer Oberursel

These containers got a new design to differentiate them from the commercial ones. In some spots, you still see the official Red Cross containers. If you deposit your recycled clothing in one of these containers, it will go to a good cause. All others are of commercial use.

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

Early Saturday morning, we dropped off our daughter for her school trip to Poland. They went from Frankfurt by ICE to Berlin Ostbahnhof (took 4:30 hrs), then switched to EC for Poznan Gl (2:30 hrs). Then they hopped on a bus which took them to their final destination, Torun (4 hrs).

German Lesson: Kontor

Quite a few summers ago, I picked up this little Kontor sign at a flea market and attached it to the office door.

The meaning of it gets questioned by old and young, by Germans and foreigners alike. Kontor is the old German word for office.

From Wikipedia: A kontor was a foreign trading post of the Hanseatic League. In addition to the major kontore in London, Ipswich, Bruges, Bergen, and Novgorod, some ports had a representative merchant and a warehouse. …

* Niederlassung eines Handelsunternehmens im Ausland

* Büro

* Geschäftsraum, Handelshaus


The word Kontor is derived from the Latin verb computare (to calculate).

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