The Expat Teacher’s Guide to Buying Property

Jim Rogers, an expat fellow teacher, whom I’ve known for about 20 years, has just published his experience on how to buy property while living overseas.

Snowed under in Germany

Earlier this afternoon, we left for the Oberursel forest to buy a Christmas tree. Well, they were all sold out, just like snow shovels are right now.

We have lent ours out so many times  and then one of the borrowers calls to ask if he could lend it to one of his friends… A snow shovel is the hottest commodity on the market right now. My husband was able to get the very last one from TOOM Baumarkt (home improvement center) back in early November. I had just told him about this post on a Korean website, which had stated Germany should get ready for the worst winter in 1000 years.

We passed the school on our way to the forest .

Frankfurt International School in Oberursel

Oberursel forest

Where did I park my car again?

More of this white stuff is expected through the night. Wonder if the Kuwaitis would be interested in buying some for their indoor ski slope..? We have enough to share.