List of Christmas Markets in Germany

Back by popular demand… the list of German Christmas markets.

We might get some snow again this December, which really adds a special touch to the market atmosphere; rained-out markets are no fun. But add some snowflakes, good food and drink to this, and you might even improve your German with each mulled wine.

I prefer the small town markets myself. Those are usually only held over one weekend and are much more charming than the big town markets.

You need to visit a few to see for yourself. My favorite one is in Oberursel, of course. It is spread throughout the old part of town and because of that, it does not get that crowded. You will have enough elbow room to hold your cup or Bratwurst.

The U.K. site, featuring Christmas markets in Germany, is frequently updated and now holds more than 2530 Christmas-related events.

For the English readers:  Germany Christmas market

Another site for the German readers: Weihnachtsmarkt Deutschland

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