Planned U-Bahn Strike Tomorrow, Friday 13 April 2018

A planned strike will impact the U-Bahn service tomorrow, Friday 13 April. It will include all U-Bahn and tram service in the Frankfurt area, and this means that the U3 train will not service the Oberursel area.

Note: The strike will not impact regular public bus service or the S-Bahn.

Here is a translated version of the RMV’s official closure notice.

More information about the service disruption can be found (in German) at


General Strike at Deutsche Bahn AG on 22/23 April 2015

The German engine drivers’ labour union (Gewerkschaft Deutscher Lokomotivführer GDL) has announced a general strike at Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG). Engine drivers and train conductors have been called out on strike against public transport from Wednesday, April 22 at 2:00 a.m. until Thursday, April 23 at 9:00 p.m. This affects long-distance trains, regional trains, and S-Bahn trains in the RMV area.

Possible affected train lines and current information:
The following train lines in the RMV area are serviced by the DB AG, which is why delays and cancellations are possible. Current information about the individual train lines in Hesse can be obtained by visiting (website is only available in German).

S-Bahn train lines S1 to S9
RMV train line 20 (Taunusbahn)
Likely affected are only DB trains, but not those of the train operator Vectus.
RMV train line 25 (Lahntalbahn)
Likely are only RegionalExpress-Züge (RE), which are operated by DB AG, but not RegionalBahnen (RB), which are run by Hessische Landesbahn (HLB).
RMV train line 30 (Main-Weser-Bahn)
Likely affected are only DB trains, but not those of the Hessische Landesbahn (HLB).
RMV train line 30/33 (Gießen – Nidderau – Hanau)
RMV train line 34 (Niddertalbahn)
RMV train line 40 (Frankfurt – Gießen – Dillenburg)
Likely affected are only DB trains, but not the service of the Hessische Landesbahn (HLB) on the partial line of the Main-Lahn-Sieg-Express route.
RMV train line 42 (Burgwaldbahn)
RMV train line 43 (Obere Lahntalbahn)
RMV train line 50 (Kinzigtalbahn)
RMV train line 53 (Schlüchtern – Gemünden)
RMV train line 55 (Frankfurt – Hanau – Aschaffenburg – Würzburg)
RMV train line 60 (Main-Neckar-train)
RMV train line 61 (Dreieichbahn)
RMV train line 70 (Riedbahn)
RMV train line 75 (Wiesbaden – Darmstadt – Aschaffenburg)
RMV train line 80 (Frankfurt – Mainz – Koblenz / Saarbrücken)
Possible alternatives
Regional trains of private transport companies – such as the Hessische Landesbahn (HLB) or VIAS – are not on strike. Subways, trams and buses run on schedule. These transport options can be used as an alternative transport solution in urban areas.

(source: Frankfurt International School)

The U3 used to be the A3 in the 1970s (Oberursel/Ts.)

The U3 used to be the A3 in the 1970s


Trains on Strike in Germany from 6 Nov to 10 Nov 2014

There will be a major train strike starting as of tomorrow,  06 November (Thu) at 2 a.m. until 10 November, (Mon) 4 a.m. throughout Germany.

This will affect all regular trains (Regionalbahn, ICE) and the S Bahn, but not the U Bahn.

Although Deutsche Bahn will try to run certain trains, expect big disruptions in train traffic, as well as increased car traffic.

CineStar Metropolis on Strike

Posted 29 July 2012:

Last night, when our son and his friend got home early from the movies  in Frankfurt, we were surprised to learn that the movie theater CineStar Metropolis is on strike. They were not able to see the movie The Dark Night Rises.

He was given a flyer, which stated the strikers’ case.


.… We run the cash register, check your tickets, run the service counter and the film. We sell you Coke and popcorn. Many of us earn euro 7,42 per hour (before taxes). Only a few of us earn more than euro 8,00 an hour. We can’t make a living on this, especially not in this expensive Rhine-Main area. Our pay is also lower than at other movie theaters.

We are on strike for a pay-raise and better working conditions. Only a good tariff/labor agreement can help ensure this.

Dear movie goers, we ask for your understanding. Please also consider that our pay (working nights and weekends) is considerably lower than the price of your movie ticket.

We will be back when all this settled.

The strikers of the Metropolis movie theater


Our daughter had gone to see the same movie on Thursday (26 July) and I noticed her student ticket was euro 9,00. Adult tickets are generally euro 11,90.

I understand the workers’ situation and hope for the best.

Truly German – Episode 01

Truly German is a new podcast that talks about the news in Germany. Sometimes this will by national news, maybe political, but we will also be covering some local topics.

We want to have some fun at the same time, so part of the podcast is our Länderquiz – in which my contestant has to guess in which Bundesland three different news stories took place in.

This week the topics are:

  1. Agreement ends strikes in German Kindergartens
  2. Swimming pool closed due to leak
  3. Divers find Mercedes in a lake
  4. German minister’s car stolen in Spain

The quiz covers the following stories:

  1. Europe’s first passive swimming pool
  2. New motorway has speed limits imposed due to heat
  3. German’s oldest steam engine

Please listen to the first episode and tell us what you think:

(Press the “play” button to listen to the podcast)

Download the MP3 file

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