Rolls Royce Factory Museum in Oberursel

A friend of mine inquired about the Rolls Royce Museum in Oberursel, and because of my last post dating back to 2015, I checked for any changes to their days and times of operation.

Update Feb 2019: The Rolls-Royce-Museum is open every last Friday of the month from 3pm – 6pm (free of charge), and special arrangements can be made for groups (then there is a small fee of € 2,50 per person).

For more information in German, visit: Rolls Royce Werksmuseum

I had taken this photo on a flight to London a couple of years ago. I looked out of the window and had the Rolls Royce logo right in front of me (we live in Oberursel).

A bit of trivia:

  • Worldwide, Rolls Royce is the oldest air plane engine factory still running.
  • The most expensive single part sold online was for a Gulfstream V Jet with a Rolls Royce engine. This was purchased by an American for 40 million US Dollar in 1999.
  • The U.S. Army (Motor Pool) used the factory for eleven years after the end of WWII.

Steam Engines at the Motorenfabrik in Oberursel, Germany in the 1950s

This photo has been contributed by Jack S., who had worked for the 42nd Ordnance (DAS) in Oberursel from January 1954 until January 1955.

Dampflok Motorpool Oberursel 1950s

Jack says, “The engine was used to deliver parts. It was left, and picked up later.”

Their barracks were in the large main building on the second floor, to the right of the main entrance. In front of the building, there was a street car stop. Across the street, there was a taxi stand. Also, across the street was a large open field used as a sheep pasture.

The 42nd Ordnance (DAS) were stationed in the Motorenfabrik, a short distance from Camp King. The difference: Camp King was military intelligence,  but they were the mechanics, who kept the vehicles running.

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