Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted 11 September 2012

Applications are invited for the following positions:

►        Temporary early childhood classroom teacher at the primary division effective 24 January 2013 until 31 July 2013 to replace a teacher on parental leave

►        Temporary classroom teacher at the elementary division effective 07 February 2013 until 31 July 2013 to replace a teacher on parental leave

Applications should be in writing and directed to the appropriate principal with copy to Rita De La Cruz within seven working days of this notice.

Rita De La Cruz
Human Resources Manager
Frankfurt International School
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61440 Oberursel, Germany
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What to see in Germany

The longest castle in Europe is in the southern German town of Burghausen. The castle is situated on the Salzach river in Upper Bavaria, bordering Austria.

The castle, sitting on top of a ridge, can boast of a length of 1,043 m.


War Stories and Camp King Oberursel

Several years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to one of her British friends, Nicola, in front of the EDEKA supermarket, located on the former Camp King areal in Oberursel. Imagine my surprise when she stated she knew me from reading my blog.

The photo below shows Camp King before most of the reconstruction began. Notice, there is no shopping center yet and much of the townhouse building still had to take place.

Of the five military housing buildings, there are only two remaining – the two most outer ones. The three buildings in the center all had to go.

Anyway, Nicola used to live in the new Camp King residential area until last year and then went off to the U.S.A.

Camp King, with its rich history, is often talked about. A while back, Nicola sent me this BBC link, which her sister discovered while doing genealogy.

Her sister found out that her grandfather’s cousin, Squadron Leader H.D.H. (Douglas) Cooper, had been taken to Oberursel as a POW. This is not only the same town Nicola had just left, but her home used to be on the very same ground, Camp King, where her D. Cooper once had been interrogated.

Quoting:… From Hamburg, Cooper was taken to a reception centre for prisoners of war at Dulag Luft in Oberusel. He was soon moved on …

See full article on

I was reminded of this comprehensive website again, because our local Camp King historian, Mr. Kopp, and I had a brief meeting earlier today.

Another book, by an American author, is in the making and a couple of chapters will include the early years of American occupation at Camp King. More about this later.


Camp King in Oberursel

Inspired by some positive feedback I got from a stateside reader (in contrast to what my son says about this blog), I decided to take a little walk through the Camp King neighborhood on this beautiful Indian summer day.

Camp King Oberursel

The Officers' Club at Camp King Oberursel

Officers' Club a.k.a. Mountain Lodge in Oberursel

In June 2010, I had written a short post about Officers’ Club at Camp King finds Investor. Unfortunately, nothing has been done on the outside since then.

Basement window of the Officers' Club

Overgrown by weeds.

Overlooking the grounds of the former Camp King Oberursel

This photo was taken on the steps of the back entrance, looking down the hill side, towards Hohemarkstrasse (not in view).

Near the front entrance of the Officers' Club Oberursel

The area around the Officers’ Club shows some very modern apartment buildings and some one-family homes in the half-timbered style.

Nothing really much has changed since the Mountain Lodge/Officers’ Club got its new owner. And time is not on its side – another ten years without occupancy and then…?

A photo of the beautiful  Mountain Lodge in wintertime.

Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted 23 March 2010

Applications are invited for the following position:

* Part-time teacher assistant (50%) at the primary school effective 01 August 2010

Applications should be in writing and directed to Theresa Dupre with copy to Rita De La Cruz within seven working days of this notice.

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