Pirates of Penzance, a Musical Comedy


Thursday February 11th, 7:30 pm
Friday February 12th, 5:30 pm
Saturday February 13th, 7:30 pm

sees the presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance by FIS students from grades 9 – 12.¬† This is true family entertainment – a musical comedy about a bunch of Pirates……or are they? Strange and convenient twists of plot with incredible music (incredible in its challenge for the singers as well as for the beauty of the melodies – I’m sure you’ll know some!), energetic dancing, a live student band, and some 21st century humour make this a super evening for the whole family.

Keep your eyes peeled for one of Gareth Brewster’s amazing posters advertising the show.¬† It’s a masterpiece!

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW AT THE BOOK STORE at the Waldlust campus.  5 Euros per ticket.

Get your tickets now!¬† Two years ago, with the last musical,¬† all three shows were sold out.¬† Those who came on Thursday wanted to come again and by Friday lunchtime, every ticket was gone!¬† Don’t be the one to miss out this time!

Any questions, please email kirsten_love@fis.edu

Hope to see you there.

Our 10th grade son is one of the pirates and we will definitely see one of his performances.

What Foreign Guy Should You Date?

Ladies, it is Sunday night and time for a little fun quiz. This is not restricted to single women only and it is strictly for your entertainment.

Don’t leave your husbands.

Click What Foreign Guy Should I Date and share your result!

Mine was:

You should date a Swede!

You’re a romantic, albeit an understated and practical one.
It’s more about a steady partnership for you, not unrestrained falling
Your Swede will give you the unwavering love you crave
While making up some mean pancakes and meatballs on the side!

Share your results right here under comments.

Newcomers Guide to Hessen, Germany

If you have just moved to Germany or are in the process of doing so, then taking a look at the following might prove useful. This brochure was published as part of an economic promotion campaign on behalf of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transportation, Urban and Regional Development. It contains essential information on education, housing, legal issues, entertainment, churches, sports, English-speaking clubs, and more.
To read more on this:
click here

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