Where to Get Vaccine Wine in Oberursel

I can resist anything except temptation.”

Oscar Wilde

That’s what I thought when I saw this label at our EDEKA Supermarket in Oberursel-Nord. The German word for vaccine is Impfstoff, and our supermarket now carries this in form of… wine.

For learners of German, this is a quick translation of the label.

It won’t protect you from the virus. But it will make your situation a bit more relaxing. Quality wine for everyone with a sense of humor.

Schützt sicher vor keinem Virus. Macht die Lage aber etwas entspannter. Qualitätswein für alle mit Hang zum Humor.

Impfstoff Wein

If you want to make someone smile, give them a bottle of Impfstoff.

der Impfstoff: vaccine

A + impfen: to vaccinate s.o.

Often used in the passive form, which is made from: werden + past participle

Ich werde bald geimpft: I will get vaccinated soon.

Ich wurde noch nicht geimpft: I have not been vaccinated yet.

Oberursel Hohemark Construction

Local news


From 25 October until the end of November, there will be construction along the Hohemark Street between EDEKA supermarket  and the roundabout near the Primary School (end of the  U 3 line).

Traffic will be reduced to one lane and controlled by a signal, so please be aware that commuting along that route will take considerably longer.

Easter bunnies in Germany

The Osterhase (Easter bunny) I spotted at the local Edeka Supermarket must be the biggest edible one I have ever seen. It is about 40 cm (16″) in height, weighs 1 KG (2.2 lbs) and costs a stately 39 euro.

Of course, it is made by the Swiss chocolate maker Lindt and for a better idea how big this bunny really is, see Lindt’s website showing a girl holding one in her arms.

Pounds of chocolate sitting on the shelf

This is not an advertisement, I do not even care for chocolate all that much. But I bet you won’t feel like hopping once you have devoured this life size Easter bunny. Has a bit of a touch of Super Size Me German style! Morgan Spurlock, I invite you to come to Germany around Easter time.

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