Rights of School Age Children in Germany

Over the years, I have been questioned about several issues related to minors’ rights in Germany by ex-pat parents and students alike.

Here is a short summary:

  • Germany has a compulsory school attendance law, which requires all children between the ages of six to fifteen to attend school.
  • Germany is a member of the Global Conventions Act, that protect the rights of children. This entitles them to a childhood free of emotional, mental, and physical abuse. *
  • Children under 15 may not be employed. Exceptions are made for minor jobs such as newspaper delivery routes, babysitting, taking care of pets, or other tasks which are not dangerous.
  • At the age of 14, when in presence of parents or guardians, minors are allowed to consumer beer and wine.
  • At the age of 16, minors are allowed to buy and consume beer and wine.
  • At the age of 18, they are of legal age. Therefore, they can buy and consumer beer, wine, and distilled liquor.

*More about this at Children’s Rights: Germany

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Quote of the Day

Never refuse to do a kindness unless the act would work great injury to yourself, and never refuse to take a drink- under any circumstances.

–  Mark Twain –

The World’s Largest Feuerzangenbowle is in Nuremberg

Wondering what a Feuerzangenbowle is? Had several translations on offer from the internet, but as this is something purely German, translations offer little meaning. Well, it is a heavy drink, put together by mostly red wine and rum, and other little seasonings.

Try h2g2 website where you find a complete definition of this drink along with the recipe and much more.

Anyway, the city of Nuremberg has put up the biggest Feuerzangenbowle of the year. A special kettle had to be built to hold 9000 liters, 2,50 meters in width, 3,40 meters in height and it weighs 1,8 tons.

The Feuerzangenbowle can be viewed and tasted from 25 Nov 2011 until 01 Jan 2012. This drink, consumed from the time of advent until New Year’s Eve, is supposed to warm your heart and soul during the cold winter months.

To view photos, visit Frankenradar.


Every so often, the botanical term Waldmeister comes up in a lesson. Initially, most students see some kind of relationship between the Waldmeister (Master of the woods) and the school’s Hausmeister.

But Waldmeister is an herb (sweet woodruff) and mostly found in Central and Northern Europe, as well as Western Siberia.

sweet woodruff (source:wikipedia)

The four most common usages for sweet woodruff in Germany are:

* herbal tea

* ice cream flavor (if you are in Germany, check your local Eiscafé for this)

* Waldmeisterbowle (sweet woodruff punch)

* Frigeo – sherbet powder

Frigeo Brausepulver Waldmeister flavor

We used to love this Brause-Pulver (sherbet powder) as kids. We made fizzy lemonades or just poured the powder into our hands and licked it off, as is, dirty hands and all.

I was very surprised to find it on the German supermarket shelves, after all these years!

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