Rights of School Age Children in Germany

Over the years, I have been questioned about several issues related to minors’ rights in Germany by ex-pat parents and students alike.

Here is a short summary:

  • Germany has a compulsory school attendance law, which requires all children between the ages of six to fifteen to attend school.
  • Germany is a member of the Global Conventions Act, that protect the rights of children. This entitles them to a childhood free of emotional, mental, and physical abuse. *
  • Children under 15 may not be employed. Exceptions are made for minor jobs such as newspaper delivery routes, babysitting, taking care of pets, or other tasks which are not dangerous.
  • At the age of 14, when in presence of parents or guardians, minors are allowed to consumer beer and wine.
  • At the age of 16, minors are allowed to buy and consume beer and wine.
  • At the age of 18, they are of legal age. Therefore, they can buy and consumer beer, wine, and distilled liquor.

*More about this at Children’s Rights: Germany

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10 Ways to Recycle Beer

The other day, the topic of our lesson turned to recycling in Germany. I mentioned that Germany was one of the first countries to recycle vehicles.

Then, there was the moment of surprise, when I mentioned some of us Germans even recycle our expired or half-drunk bottles of beer. Well, this does not happen too often around our home… Just enter Maria’s Beer Balcony in the search engine, click on images, and you will know why.

Franconian beer

But when there is half a bottle of beer left over, we can use it for the following:


  • To give your hair more volume, after shampooing, rinse it with beer.
  • Use it like hair spray – put it in dispenser and spray your hair with it. No worries, once it’s dry, you won’t smell like beer.


  • Polish your wood furniture with a small linen towel soaked in beer.


  • A bowl of beer in your garden, will keep your snails at bay. To keep ants and bugs off your terrace or balcony, also fill a small dish with beer and add some sugar. In this case, you can also use alcohol-free beer.
  • It makes a great fertilizer. Mix beer and water at 1:2 and add it to your plants. Best for green plants only.


  • Add some beer to any kind of gravy or broth.
  • Some brush the BBQ meat with beer before putting it on the grill.
  • Marinade your BBQ meat in beer.

Indoor plants:

  • Big-leafed indoor plants such as the rubber plant collect dust. Wipe it off with a beer-soaked cotton ball.

Home remedy:

* Catching a cold? Drink some warm beer before going to bed. For a better result, add some sugar to it. This will help kill bacteria and induce sleep.


From a nutritional viewpoint, beer ranks highly in the food and beverage chart. It is also vegetarian.

Some Fun Facts about Germany



Marketing German Food for Christmas

Before making my final trip to the supermarket this morning (most shops close at 2 p.m. today) to return some deposit bottles (Pfandflaschen) from last night’s birthday party, I took a photo of the ones called Weihnachtsbier.

Weihnachtsbier from Germany

Of course, it featured Santa on its label for a manly touch. I would have put an image of the Christkind on it. The beer itself was very good.

Next we picked up some items from the bakery, where Adventsbrot was featured.

Adventsbrot from Germany

I did not make it all the way to the meat counter in the back or I might have spotted some Heiligabend Wurst.


In Germany, there are 1250 different kinds of beer, 300 different types of bread and 1450 types of cold cuts/sausages. This leaves a lot of room for branding.

By the way, 89% of the Germans like to spend Christmas Eve at home with the family.

Beer Seminar in Bamberg

Found this innovative offer for a beer seminar on facebook a few minutes ago.

What a practical idea to combine German language learners with a topic of interest! Studying plain German grammar can make you wish you were in heaven already, but this seminar is about beer and other beer related trivia, therefore you will be much more engaged.

After the third beer tasting, the dative case will be a closed chapter in your life and who cares about adjective declinations anyway…

Seriously, this is a wonderful way to polish your German while in Franconia. Every three kilometers, you will run into a brewery around this area. There are 10 breweries in Bamberg alone and almost 100 in the surrounding area.

A good level of basic German is recommended (level B1 or more)

Visit Beer Seminar for more information.

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