Tour of Camp King Oberursel on YouTube

We took our walk through the former military post Camp King in Oberursel this past Sunday.

In part 1, Mr. Kopp and I talked about the Kinderhaus, the oldest building on the grounds and now housing the archive, as well as the King Memorial Site.

In part 2, we covered the past and future of both the Mountain Lodge and the chapel.

The former Officers' Club at Camp King Oberursel

The former Officers’ Club at Camp King Oberursel

I’ve just noticed… the big tree on the right is no longer there. It had to go to make room for the coming extensions of the building.

A Film Walk through Camp King Oberursel

Several months ago, between fighting a cold and packing for a short trip to Mallorca, I took an impromptu walk through the former US military Camp King, Oberursel.

Our teenage daughter got to experiment with her new camera in filming this short walk around the former military post. We had to do a lot of editing as many scenes showed my back only instead of the more interesting changes around the area.

This was my first time on film as well, and I learned it is quite a challenge to talk informatively to an imaginary audience.

For a better and more informative version, I have invited Mr. Kopp, our Camp King Historian, to join me on the next walk this coming Sunday, 14. April 2013.

The following questions have been contributed by a former soldier, stationed at Camp King in the mid-70s. Thanks Mr. F.!

Does Mr. Kopp have a website for his archives of Camp King history?

Have they decided what to do with the Mountain Lodge building (Officers Club) up on the hill?

Is the Chapel still holding services?

Our son, on break here with us from the University of Nottingham, will take over the filming and hopefully the editing, too.

For anyone interested in what Camp King, Oberursel, looks like today (filmed in November 2012), visit CampKingOberursel on YouTube.

If you have any burning questions concerning Camp King not listed above, please don’t hesitate to share them under comments. Alternatively, feel free to write me an email.

The Power of Words

Language is a powerful tool. Choose your words wisely. Enrich other people’s life by sharing them.

[youtube Hzgzim5m7oU&feature=player_embedded]

The English Theatre Frankfurt on youtube

Interested in taking a look behind the stage at the English Theatre? Even though most of the talk is in German, the visual part of seeing the staff at work makes up for this little drawback.

About five years ago, we we were regular behind-the-stage visitors at the English Theatre. Our then 10-year-old had a regular part (three to four times a week) in the musical Cabaret, playing a German boy named Wolfgang.

My husband and I took turns taking our son to the back of the theatre, sitting out the time from beginning to end. We usually ended up reading, doing some small talk,  or watching the actors heading for the dressing room.

Occasionally, we both went to the theatre, with one of us sitting behind the stage – one parent accompanying a minor – and the other one watching the show.

While theatre life is interesting for outsiders, for the staff, it is a lot of hard work and requires good management.

The theatre itself is the biggest English theatre on the continent.

Playing right now: The Fox, based on D.H. Lawrence’s novella, is  about two young English women on an isolated farm who have big plans for freedom, but the sudden arrival of Henry, a young soldier, disrupts their course.

Save 25% on tickets for performances until 08 May 2010!

[youtube KBq6X2ENx6Y]

Universal Subtitles

Universal subtitles will bridge linguistic and physical barriers. Help create an open system that lets anyone make and watch video subtitles in various languages.

I have just signed the petition – so far they have collected  2518 signatures with a goal of 10,000.

Quoting  Care2 petitionsite:

Increasingly, the internet is becoming our global commons: more than a billion people use the web to learn, innovate, trade, befriend and play. With roughly 25 million videos uploaded to the internet, hundreds of different languages are spoken online. There’s one problem. Language barriers prevent people from sharing content across cultures.

Sign the petition urging all online video hosts to support Mozilla’s Universal Subtitles project

Imagine if there was technology that would make it possible for anyone, anywhere to subtitle any video they see online, regardless of it being hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or other hosts? Well, it’s being created right now, but Mozilla needs your help spreading the word. Help open the web for everyone

Subtitling internet video opens up the world for everyone, allowing us to explore otherwise inaccessible information, use our own language skills and enjoy the most creative content from anywhere in the world.

The Universal Subtitles project will improve online video by making it easy to subtitle online content and share video creations across languages and cultures. Tell online video hosts to support universal subtitling today.

More information about universal subtitles on drumbeat.

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