70 Years After the Berlin Airlift 1948/49

We, the Research Group Camp King Oberursel, invite everyone to attend our next Open House featuring the following topic:

‘The Berlin Airlift – 70 Years Later’ on 03 February 2019 from 14:00 – 17:00 at the Kinderhaus on Jean-Sauer-Weg 2 in 61440 Oberursel.

The small town of Oberursel and a few of its temporary residents provided a significant contribution to the initiation of the airlift. I bet you didn’t know that.

We will be showing videos, giving presentations, and offering the opportunity for discussions and questions.

On a related note: In June 2013, we had the Berlin Candy Bomber, Colonel Gail Seymour “Hal” Halvorsen,  here in Oberursel for a visit. You can read more here: http://www.pension-sprachschule.de/camp-king-oberursel/the-candy-bomber-visits-camp-king-oberursel/

The Candy Bomber, Col Halvorsen in Oberursel

The ‘Notopfer Berlin’ (Emergency Victims of Berlin) tax stamp sale was an economic aid program to support the Berlin economy during the Soviet Blockade and the post-WWII period. This extra stamp was required on most postal transaction, such as letters and postcards, within Germany until 31 December 1957.

Berlin Tax Stamp on sale until 31 December 1957

Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted 23 January 2014:

Applications are invited for the following position:

►        ICT Support Technician 1 August 2014, Tariff Group 5

Applications should be in writing and directed to Gareth Brewster with copy to Rita De La Cruz within seven working days of this notice.

Kind regards,

Beate Nichols
Business Assistant
Frankfurt International School

Tel: #49-6171-2024 479

Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted 11 June 2013

Applications are invited for the following positions:

►        Part time (.5) Art Teacher Assistant position at the elementary school effective
1 August 2013

►        ICT Support, Tariff Group 5, effective 1 August 2013 until 31 July 2014

Applications should be in writing and directed to Peter Baker for the TA position and to Gareth Brewster for ICT support with copy to Rita De La Cruz within seven working days of this notice.

Rita De La Cruz
Human Resources Manager
Frankfurt International School
Tel.:         +49 (0) 6171-2024478
Mobile:    +49 (0)172-7602097

Frankfurt International School
For more information, visit www.fis.edu


Recycling of Mobile Phones

I love recycling. It is not only a money-saver, but also brings out your personal creativity, enhances sustainability, with the latter being the most important of all –  local and global sustainability have a great impact on the economy, climate and environment.

So when my brother phoned me the other day to tell me he had dropped his phone into the loo, but got a 100 euro refund for it from the Deutsche Telekom for his exchange, I was tickled about this quirky exchange.

Unfortunately, this kind of sale ended on 4 March, but we can be sure of another one coming soon.

But if you do want to donate your mobile phone, exchange it for a coupon, or use it directly towards your next purchase (watch for this special kind of sale), than you can do so at any Telekom Shop in your area.

In Germany, more than 80 million mobile phones are hidden away in drawers – there must be at least two cells in our own drawer.

Telekom uses the proceeds to support the Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (German environmental aid group). More information about mobile phone recycling on their website: t-mobile.de handy ruecknahme in German.

 Sony Ericsson mobile phone

This one had been passed on down the line – starting with my niece, who passed it on to our son, who then passed it on to his younger sister as a Christmas present (!) a couple of years later. It has been in our home for at least 12 years, with the last five years spent in the drawer. 

What an immobile life.

Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted 13 Jan 2012

Upper School Openings for school year 2012/2013, effective August 2012

Applications are invited for the following positions:

* ICT Coordinator Upper School: This is initially a one-year parental leave position position.

* IB Physics and General Science teacher: Successful teaching of physics to IB required.

* Humanities Psychology: An experienced teacher of IB Psychology and middle years Humanities.

* English: An experienced teacher of media studies and middle years English.

* Learning Support: To provide academic support for students in grades 6 – 12 working collaboratively with one other learning support teacher and classroom teachers.

Applications should be in writing and directed to the Upper School Principal Rhiannon Wood with copy to Teresa Dupre within seven working days of this notice.

Visit Career Opportunities at Frankfurt International School for more information.

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