Six Ways to Get Rid of these White Worms in the Bio-Waste Trash Can

One of the frequently asked questions is how to get rid off these white larvae in the bio-waste trash can. These white worms come about when flies drop their eggs on top of the bio-waste.

There are several ways to get rid of them:

  1. Have your waste container emptied every chance you get -  even if you hardly have anything in it.
  2. Rinse it out with the garden hose, and let it drip-dry upside down.
  3. You can buy some powder to kill the larvae  at most home-improvement centers and online. Look for: Biotonnen-Pulver, gelöschter Kalk (calcium hydroxide) oder Gesteinsmehl (rock flour).
  4. Keep your container as dry as possible. It helps to wrap your bio waste in newspaper, which soaks up any dampness or liquid.
  5. The cheapest home remedy is salt and vinegar. Drop this mixture onto the container walls, then wipe it off. Make sure not too much vinegar ends up at the bottom. It is important to keep the container dry.
  6. Get one of these bio-waste protectors (see Amazon link below). They help to keep the flies out.

Oberursel, Fountain Queen, and Market Square

Sitting there at the ‘Marktweib’ Restaurant, I caught a glimpse of this year’s Fountain Queen (Brunnenkönigin), Ann-Kathrin I, along with the Brunnenmeister, Rainer. For a better image of her, click here:

2017 Oberursel Fountain Queen and King

Market Square in Oberursel

View onto St. Ursula Church and a couple of restaurants with outdoor seating. A few minutes after having taken this photo, I was sitting there myself with a beer in hand.

In the Altstadt, you can still find a mounting block for horses in front of someone’s door. Those were the days of real horse power.

Oberursel has its charms, and we still discover interesting nooks and corners after having lived here for 22 years.

Zitat des Tages

Im tiefsten Winter fand ich heraus, dass ich, tief in mir, einen unsterblichen Sommer mit mir trug.
In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
– Albert Camus –
 We have no snow this Christmas – this photo was taken in the winter of 2010.

German lesson: Altweibersommer

Occasionally, when I have a good photo on hand to explain a German term, I will post a mini German lesson.

Today’s word is:

Altweibersommer (lit: old women’s summer), or Indian summer.

Origin of the term: The term weiben (used as a verb), in German mythology, stood for tying spiderwebs in old German.

Indian summer in Germany

For the past few days, we have had blue skies, sunny afternoons, cool mornings and evenings, dewy grass, and sparkling spiderwebs.

ISSOS Summer Program 2011

As parents of an International Summer School of Scotland (ISSOS) alumnus, we get regular updates by newsletter.

For one, they launched a new ISSOS website. Students can now access full information about The International Summer School of Scotland programs in St Andrews and Cambridge with ease and with interest.
The new website details all you need to know about their prestigious locations, the diverse range of classes available, group cultural trips, ISSOS workshops and much, much more.

Availability Update – ISSOS 2011 (posted 30 March, 2011)

St Andrews Session 1

**Please note that we are now full for GOLF in St Andrews Session 1

**We are now full for IB Extended Essay in St Andrews Session 1

**We are full for German students in St Andrews Sessions 1 & 2

**There are only 2 spaces left for French students in St Andrews Session 1

**There are only 3 spaces left for Italian students St Andrews Session 1

**1 place left for PRE IB in St Andrews Session 1

**1 place left for FILM in St Andrews Session 1

Cambridge 2011

**1 place left for a German student

**2 places left for Photography

2011 Session dates:

St Andrews

Session 1:    July 3rd – July 24th
Session 2:    July 27th – August 17th


Session 1:   July 20th – August 10th

To apply, visit ISSOS apply.

Son Thomas spent three weeks visiting ISSOS summer program for St Andrews last year. He attended Debate and joined the Golf sessions. Next to learning quite a bit, he also found it very enjoyable. Definitely recommendable.