German Term for the Day: Logopädische Praxis

I’m having fun with this ad by a speech therapy clinic right here in Oberursel. At first, the wrong spelling of Praxis (clinic) got me off track. Then I noticed the spelling for Logopädisch (logopedics) having gone wrong too.

I’m just glad they work on speech correction. They would never win a spelling bee* contest.

German Lesson: die Brennnessel

The Brennnessel (alternative spelling: Brenn-Nessel) is abundant in Germany. If you or your children brush up to it with your legs, you will feel a burning sensation, hence the name stinging nettle. This burning is caused by a liquid the plant releases onto your skin.

Tip: Always carry a bottle of tap water with you. A quick rinse over the burning skin will give an immediate relief.


Vorsicht! Brennnesseln!

Greengrocer’s Apostrophe on Mallorca

Where there are some Germans gathered, you will also find the Deppenapostroph, a.k.a. the greengrocer’s apostrophe.

On the island of Mallorca, I found these two advertisements in one afternoon.

The word Trikot (a soccer jersey), with French origin, should also be spelled with the letter t at the end, while remaining silent in pronunciation.
TRIKO’S should read TRIKOTS

The Tapa’s For Two could have been written by either German or Briton.