Notes from Germany

This photo is not accurate. We have no snow at the moment and the weather bureau tells us we are having the mildest winter on record in 30 years.

Nevertheless, enjoy your holidays, wherever you are.

Winter Scenes in Germany

It has actually stopped snowing for the moment, but there is more to come. Here are a few photos I took around noon today when we drove our daughter to Steinbach.

Yes, the person in the distance is a bike rider pushing his bike along.

Between Oberursel and Steinbach

In Oberursel, we saw quite a few orange-vested city workers removing snow and dispersing salt.


Sleds are being pulled across streets in town.


A sledding trail in our neighborhood area Camp King in Oberursel.

Sledding trail in Camp King, Oberursel

… and yes, we are dreaming of a white Christmas.

Sledding and Skiing on the Feldberg

Back by popular demand is the answer to Where can we go sledding and skiing around here? In this case, this is from expats in and near Oberursel at the foot of the Taunus Mountains.

The state of Hessen boasts many sledding trails and the most popular ones are the hill in Falkenstein, downhill from Hohemark, Pechberg at Oberreifenberg, and at Sporthotel Erbismühle in Weilrod.

I personally prefer Oberreifenberg, but you should give the others a try too.

Oberreifenberg sledding trail

The Pechberg at Oberreifenberg has been recommended for sledding and skiing and also provides opportunities nearby for cross-country skiing and walking trails. The Pechberg is most suitable for ski beginners among the children and adults. Once you get to Waldstrasse in Oberreifenberg, you can see the little ski resort and the parking lot in Siegfriedstrasse.

There is a ski lift, which is also safe and suited for the little skiers. The sledders have their own trail.

Many families bring a little snow-picnic lunch along (hot juice or tea and sausages). There are also food vendors selling pizza and Bratwurst.

For a detailed snow update at the Pechberg (tar mountain), you can call 06081 – 442 138 for more information.

The Taunusklub lists four more skiing/sledding trails (in German) within the vicinity.

Oberursel in Winter

The other evening, my husband and I went out for our Friday night date. This time we headed to Zum Schwanen in Oberursel.

On the way there, I took this photo showing the road to St. Ursula church, with the pub on the left side (see the only neon sign) and being very close to the church. Well, pubs and churches do go well together.

Oberursel in winter

Germany at its best, or so my husband says. I would not know it – I take my surroundings for granted, on most days.

Snowed under in Germany

Earlier this afternoon, we left for the Oberursel forest to buy a Christmas tree. Well, they were all sold out, just like snow shovels are right now.

We have lent ours out so many times  and then one of the borrowers calls to ask if he could lend it to one of his friends… A snow shovel is the hottest commodity on the market right now. My husband was able to get the very last one from TOOM Baumarkt (home improvement center) back in early November. I had just told him about this post on a Korean website, which had stated Germany should get ready for the worst winter in 1000 years.

We passed the school on our way to the forest .

Frankfurt International School in Oberursel

Oberursel forest

Where did I park my car again?

More of this white stuff is expected through the night. Wonder if the Kuwaitis would be interested in buying some for their indoor ski slope..? We have enough to share.

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