Memorial Service: 80 Years After the November Pogrome

Invitation to a district-wide memorial service to observe the 80th anniversary of the pogroms of November 1938

On Friday, 9 November 2018, in front of city hall in Oberursel (Taunus), a service will be held to memorialize the Jewish population of the Hochtaunus who were victims of the pogroms of November 1938.

14:00 General information about the memorial activities for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution in the Hochtaunus

14:30 Beginning of the Hour of Remembrance

15:30 Walk to the monument dedicated to the Jewish residents of Oberursel who were victims of National Socialism

16:00 End of service

If you plan to attend, then sign up with one of the contacts listed below .

  • Tel: 06172 – 999 4610
  • Fax: 06172 – 999 9811

This is organized by the Gesellschaft für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit Hochtaunus e.V. (GCJZ Hochtaunus) in cooperation with the Hochtaunuskreis.

Winter Scenes in Germany

It has actually stopped snowing for the moment, but there is more to come. Here are a few photos I took around noon today when we drove our daughter to Steinbach.

Yes, the person in the distance is a bike rider pushing his bike along.

Between Oberursel and Steinbach

In Oberursel, we saw quite a few orange-vested city workers removing snow and dispersing salt.


Sleds are being pulled across streets in town.


A sledding trail in our neighborhood area Camp King in Oberursel.

Sledding trail in Camp King, Oberursel

… and yes, we are dreaming of a white Christmas.

Brillenhaus Customer Service in Oberursel

I usually do not blog about a customer service experience, but this one is too unusual to pass up.

For the past five years or so, we have used the Brillenhaus in our neighborhood and were quite satisfied with the service. But with this new and young team, obviously lacking in soft skills, customer service has changed.

My experience there went as following:

* 07  Juni – ordered our son’s contact lenses at the shop, which were supposed to be in two days later.

* 10. Juni – another trip to the shop to pick up the promised merchandise. The lenses were not in, but the sales associate promised to call once the shipment had arrived.

* 15. June – sent an e-mail to inquire about my order.

* 15 June – got a phone-call to inform me the lenses had arrived.

* 16 June – another trip to the Brillenhaus to pick them up.

* 20 June –  our son noticed that I had been handed one wrong packet in terms of  prescription.

* 21 June – sent in my claim by e-mail, and inquired whether the right prescription lenses were available. Also pointed out the urgency of this matter, as our son needed them before his upcoming trip.

* 22 June – sent a friendly reminder in regards to my previous mail.

* 23 June – another trip to the shop, where I inquired if they had gotten my mail. Yes, was the answer. Once again I had to ask if they had the right lenses available and after a quick fumble under the counter, the right packet was produced and handed over.

Nothing else was said. No apology either.

I have been told Fielmann in Oberursel has a good and reliable staff – with excellent customer service.

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