New Role for Former Chancellor Merkel

Our chancellor Merkel is starting a new life today!

Merkel as a ‘Smoking Figure’

And yes, as of today, she is no longer chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. In my home, she now functions as a ‘Räuchermännchen’ (literal: smoking little guy). She arrived in the post this afternoon, so she was right on time for her new role.

It took me a while to figure out where the smoke might come from… the traditional ones have the smoke coming out from the mouth. In her case, it comes out near the bottom of her pants!

These traditional Christmas decorations and incense smokers are handmade in the Ore Mountains (German: Erzgebirge) in the eastern part of Germany.

In case you are interested, visit Seiffener Volkskunst.

Smoking Santa

Just wanted to show my smoking Santa off with this little post. He is one of the five Räuchermännchen we have smoking, one at a time, in our house (for every other two-legged creature, it is: please go outside!). They do come with smoke-stained mouths after a while and dentists would have a field day with them.

Smoking Santa

 Santa smoking on our living room window sill.

The Räucherkerzen (smoking candles) are available in different scents and come with beautiful sounding names: Weihnachtsduft (Christmas scent), Tannenbaum (pine tree), Weihnachtsabend (Christmas Eve), Weihnachtskekse (Christmas cookies) etc. But – I would not be able to tell the scents apart. They all smell a bit like church on a warm day!