St. Ursula Church Tower Museum in Oberursel

The St. Ursula Church tower museum presents a collection of sacral Art, spanning over 500 years of parish history.

In addition, the museum visitor gets to enjoy a splendid view not only across the Altstadt, but the whole town, and all the way to the Taunus (to the west), Odenwald (to the south), Spessart (to the east), and Vogelsberg (to the north).

Museum visiting hours:

From May – September: every first Saturday 15:00 – 17:00

Entrance fee: 1,50 € for adults, 1,00 € for children.

For arranging a tour on Mondays or Fridays, please send an inquiry to Mr.Abt.

Address: St. Ursula-Gasse in 61440 Oberursel (Taunus)
You can contact Mr. Wilfried Abt for more information
Telephone: (0 61 71) 55 05 0

Rolls Royce Factory Museum, Oberursel

The city of Oberursel/Taunus, the second production site for Rolls-Royce Germany, is the oldest existing aircraft production site in the world. Its museum, housed in the Dr. Günter-Kappler-Haus, displays an overview of the history of motor production in Oberursel, beginning with its founding at the Oberursel Motor Factory in 1892. Among the various exhibits of the museum are rotary engines, cooling fans, as well as a turbo fan engine, which is part of our modern long-haul aircraft.

Rolls Royce Oberursel

Museum hours of operation:

The Rolls-Royce-Museum is open every last Friday of the month from 3pm – 6pm, and by prior arrangement. Entry is free. (Last update: February 2009)

Motorenfabrik Oberursel

Address: Hohemarkstraße 60–70, 61440 Oberursel

More here: Historical District Motorenfabrik Oberursel eV

Germans’ lack of communication

Over the years, working on the internet and in real life, I have occasionally come across some typical mistakes made in English. As it so happened, I found one on the front page of the Curry Museum in Berlin.

This post is not about making mistakes, as I still make plenty myself, in German and English. This is about the lack of response. I take the time to inform somebody of a typo or grammar mistake made. My pet peeve with Germans is their lack of response. Say thanks for improving their website or their shelf? No.

This is not only in regards to websites, this happens at the supermarket as well. As soon as one points out an error, there is only silence. This must stem from bad experience – I can only speculate – where a mistake made results in further chiding from the customer.

This is when I have to be very clear about approaching any issue – I need to label it a suggestion, as most Germans are eager to label it as a complaint.

Anyway, on 30 January, I took the time to send Ms. Breloh, the museum director, a friendly message with an explanation to the grammar mistake.

The front page said: The Currywurst has it’s own museum!

It should read: The Currywurst has its own museum!

By chance, I ran across their website today and found the mistake corrected. But there was no friendly return message in my mail-box.

Anyone up for currywurst?

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