Learn German

The demand for learning German has been rising steadily. A few weeks ago, I read an article about Spaniards queuing for nine hours to sign up for a German course in Madrid. Surely, Mark Twain would not have been one of them.

But how do you say blog in German? This and a few others terms were contemplated by Anna Sauerbrey in her article how-do-you-say-blog-in-german.html  in the NYTimes. If I did not throw in a few English words here and there such as mein Blog, I’d have to call this  mein digitales Netztagebuch. Or when talking about apps, they’d be called Anwendungen für mobile Endgeräte. 

Linguistic borrowing is also on the rise.

Recently, the Duden added 5.000 words to its latest edition, many of them originating from English.

I’ve set up the page Learn German just for fun. I like German words like Kummerspeck, Hungerturm and Schadenfreude.

Universal Subtitles

Universal subtitles will bridge linguistic and physical barriers. Help create an open system that lets anyone make and watch video subtitles in various languages.

I have just signed the petition – so far they have collected  2518 signatures with a goal of 10,000.

Quoting  Care2 petitionsite:

Increasingly, the internet is becoming our global commons: more than a billion people use the web to learn, innovate, trade, befriend and play. With roughly 25 million videos uploaded to the internet, hundreds of different languages are spoken online. There’s one problem. Language barriers prevent people from sharing content across cultures.

Sign the petition urging all online video hosts to support Mozilla’s Universal Subtitles project

Imagine if there was technology that would make it possible for anyone, anywhere to subtitle any video they see online, regardless of it being hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or other hosts? Well, it’s being created right now, but Mozilla needs your help spreading the word. Help open the web for everyone

Subtitling internet video opens up the world for everyone, allowing us to explore otherwise inaccessible information, use our own language skills and enjoy the most creative content from anywhere in the world.

The Universal Subtitles project will improve online video by making it easy to subtitle online content and share video creations across languages and cultures. Tell online video hosts to support universal subtitling today.

More information about universal subtitles on drumbeat.

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