Quote of the Day

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

– Anthony J. D’Angelo –

Quote of the Day

The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.

– Newton D. Baker –

When Good English is Important

Just listening to this You Tube clip Air China talks to JFK Ground left me sweating a bit, for both the Air China pilot and the JFK Air Traffic Controller.

I have flown twice with China Air (in 1992 and 2005) and both times, the pilots’ English skills were good.

But the pilot from the following clip definitely should take a refresher course in English speaking and listening comprehension before flying again. I am sure, he has after this verbal and potentially dangerous mishap, which took place in 2006.

I could hardly understand the pilot’s English and to my fairly untrained ears in regards to understanding English spoken with a Chinese accent, his English sounded Chinese at times.

[youtube TrJbMATMSDE]

If you’d like to know the exact content of the dialogue, see this clip Air China “talks” to JFK Ground on You Tube.

Vacancy at Frankfurt International School

Posted 13 Jan 2012

Upper School Openings for school year 2012/2013, effective August 2012

Applications are invited for the following positions:

* ICT Coordinator Upper School: This is initially a one-year parental leave position position.

* IB Physics and General Science teacher: Successful teaching of physics to IB required.

* Humanities Psychology: An experienced teacher of IB Psychology and middle years Humanities.

* English: An experienced teacher of media studies and middle years English.

* Learning Support: To provide academic support for students in grades 6 – 12 working collaboratively with one other learning support teacher and classroom teachers.

Applications should be in writing and directed to the Upper School Principal Rhiannon Wood with copy to Teresa Dupre within seven working days of this notice.

Visit Career Opportunities at Frankfurt International School for more information.

Language Ranking in the World of Business

Which languages – other than English – are the most useful for conducting business around the world?

Whatever business sector you are heading for, knowing which foreign language to focus on might be the key to success. If you are fortunate enough to get counsel from a business advisor, then take a look ahead to get a clear idea on what countries are likely to succeed in the near future.

Bloomberg published this Languages of Business Ranking.

Personally, I would opt for Korean language and culture as I see this country on the rise.

Additionally, running with the masses to study Mandarin is too conventional. By the time a foreign language looks promising for business, it might be too late already. Choose one based on the country’s future potential and get a head start.

Speaking of the underdog in business, learning Greek might be a long-term option. During this crisis, Greece might take this misfortune to reinvent itself. Without a real industry and too many college graduates afloat, the need for an industrial brand is obvious.

When I think of Austria, the crystal maker Swarovski comes to mind. The Swiss have their watch making industry. The Germans have their foothold in the car industry. The French have the Eiffel Tower to attract 80 million tourists a year. The list could go on. What product/industry comes to your mind when you think of Greece?

I’d like to think Greece will get through this ordeal and spend more time on innovation.

BBC offers  All you need to start learning Greek.

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