9 Interesting Facts about the English Language

For students and teachers of English:

* The longest word with only one vowel is ‘strengths’ (a nine-letter word).

* There are only four words ending with -dous are tremendous, stupendous, hazardous and horrendous.

* The oldest word is ‘town’.

* The longest one-syllable word is ‘screeched’.

* The longest word with all the letters in alphabetical order is ‘almost’.

* The only two words ending with -gry are hungry and angry.

* The longest word without the main vowels is ‘rhythms’.

* The dot on the top of the letter ‘i’ is called a tittle.

* The most commonly-used word in conversation is ‘I’.

Parcheesi Board Game for Language Learning

Again this evening, I played Parcheesi for the last five minutes of a lesson. Parcheesi, a classic race-and-chase game has been a favorite for more than 100 years.

Some might find it hard to believe, but this game can be played in or just for five minutes. It can be used in any language lesson, whether one-on-one or a small group. Remember, children do not always have to finish the game (which at times keeps us adults from even starting it).

The game requires only a simple command of language, such as counting numbers, choosing the color, reminders such as Du bist dran! (It’s your turn) etc.

Parcheesi board game (German version)

Capturing the other guy’s man will make any German speaker call out “Mensch!”, hence the name Mensch, ärgere Dich nicht! (Hey, don’t be upset!)

Most foreign students are quite intrigued about learning how to play the game. This game has been on the cover of German dictionaries, is seen at friends’ homes, in shop windows, and just about everywhere.

Being a bit old-fashioned I’d suppose, I am glad to hear when students went ahead to get their own Mensch ärgere Dich nicht to play it with friends and siblings.

Schmidt Spiele 49021 – Mensch ärgere Dich nicht from Amazon.de

Mensch ärgere dich nicht is a German board game created  by Joseph Friedrich Schmidt.

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