German Lesson: der Schießstand

Many German learners have a difficult time differentiating the sound difference between the diphthongs ‘ie‘ and ‘ei‘. If the learners have an Anglo or ESL background, I advise them to read only the second diphthong vowel in English. That way, it comes out as the proper German pronunciation.

The word ‘Schießstand’ [ʃiːs] means shooting range.

If mispronounced as ‘Scheißstand’ [ʃaɪz], then you are talking about a shitting range. Whatever that means.



This sign is in Oberursel, pointing towards the shooting range, and if you proceed, you will also get to the animal shelter in the forest.

Zitat des Tages

Im tiefsten Winter fand ich heraus, dass ich, tief in mir, einen unsterblichen Sommer mit mir trug.
In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
– Albert Camus –
 We have no snow this Christmas – this photo was taken in the winter of 2010.

German Lesson: Happy New Year!

Was Deutsche VOR Neujahr sagen [What Germans say before New Year’s Day]:

– Einen guten Beschluss! (Happy ‘Closure’)
– Einen guten Rutsch! (Happy ‘Sliding’)

Right after midnight, we say ‘Prost Neujahr!’ (Cheers to the New Year!)

The following days, we wish ‘Alles Gute im neuen Jahr!’ (Happy New Year!)

Why do we have different greetings? For the same reason we do not wish a ‘Happy Birthday’ BEFORE the actual date (what if…). We also don’t give baby showers (what if…), nor wedding showers (what if…).

Wir Deutsche sind ein abergläubisches Volk.
We Germans are a superstitious folk.

abergläubisch (Adj): superstitious
der Aberglaube: superstition
das Volk: folk

Silvester Feuerwerk

Zitat des Tages

Sobald jemand in einer Sache Meister geworden ist, sollte er in einer neuen Sache, Schüler werden.

-Gerhart Hauptmann
(deutscher Schriftsteller des Naturalismus. 1912 erhielt er den Literaturnobelpreis)

Once someone has mastered something, he should learn something new.

Birgu, Malta

Zitat des Tages

„Die größten Meister sind diejenigen, die nie aufhören, Schüler zu sein.“

(The greatest masters are those who never cease to be students)

– Ignaz Anton Demeter –
archbishop of Freiburg, educator, and author
* 1773 † 1842

Door in Bad Arnis/Baltic Sea

Door in Bad Arnis/Baltic Sea