Easter Egg Decorations in Germany

We have just returned from a visit to my hometown in Franconia (northern Bavaria). In those rural parts of Germany, where traditions and customs are still more present, we passed by some interesting Easter decorations in the middle of the villages.

Our first stop was in Zeilitzheim to buy some wine from Wein von 3.

Our second stop was in Schonungen, where we rented a vacation apartment at Ferienwohnung Gräf for two days.

Another stop was in the village of Hambach, where I grew up, and we went to visit my parents’ grave.

This tradition is a beautiful spring marker, and I hope there will always be enough volunteers to continue this.

Oberursel in Winter

A stroll through Oberursel Altstadt is nice in any season. But for some reason, I find the Altstadt even more charming in the wintertime.

Oberursel market square

Beer gardens get refurbished for the outdoor Glühwein (mulled wine) business.

Beer garten in winter

Cozy lights and decorations line the houses and streets.

Coming from Frankfurt, take the U 3 and get off at Oberursel Altstadt station.