Public Pool gets blasted in Oberursel

In case you get to hear some 50 kg of explosives going off this morning in Oberursel, rest assured. This explosion is only to detonate the old public swimming pool, which has already been stripped down to its skeleton framework.

The old pool in Oberursel

The old pool in Oberursel May 2013

The detonation has been set for 11 a.m. today – on 4 June 2013. As nobody can be within 150 m reach, there will be no private filming. But the detonation crew will record it and make it available to the city as well as the local press.

Photos of the public pool being torn down in preparation for today’s detonation on Brunnentreff.

A good Aerial view of the old pool.

The new swimming pool will cost the city about 14 million euro. Maintaining the pool will add another 600.000 euro – 1.000.000 euro to its yearly budget plan.

There has been much discussion whether the city can afford all this.

Underground Glass Recycling in Germany

One  fairly new improvement in Oberursel is the installation of underground recycling containers. I only know of one such location, which happens to be in the newly built settlement of Camp King (early 2000) nearby.

These containers take up less space, reduce the noise, and look very neat as well.

glass recycle bins with underground storage

And if you are not in Germany, take a look to the city of Bielefeld (a random pick) to see what our old models look like.

Other German towns have been implementing this new kind of storage as well, such as the city of Oldenburg.

Three new containers for each location cost about euro 60.000.

Despite the new format, the old rules still apply, such as separating by color, and deposit red or blue glass into the green glass (!) container.

Do NOT deposit flat glass such as window panes (they go to the Bauhof), vases and glass casserole dishes may go into the Restmüll.

Our neighborhood glass containers are still the old-fashioned kind. There is only one good thing about the old type – they are transportable.


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