DaF Test and Confirmation from the Goethe Institute Frankfurt

If you have read my previous post, then you know what we have been waiting for. Yes, after four weeks of no communication whatsoever from the institute, we finally got an official Einladung (invitation) for the German language proficiency exam yesterday.

We had signed up on 28 December and got it finally confirmed yesterday, on 24 January.

As instructed, I read the mail carefully and was advised to notify them of any necessary changes by 24 January, the same day we got the mail.

They did not give much of a deadline, did they. Reminds me a bit of the “Hurry up and Wait” principle, only in reverse order.

DaF Seite 1

DaF Seite 2

Even if I had discovered a mistake in her online registration, it would be too late now to correct it, based on this mail.

On its website, test takers are also advised that if registration and documents did not match, there would be no certificate issued.

In this case, our data was correct, and at this point, I can only say:

Wir wünschen Ihnen, liebes G0ethe Institut, auch viel Erfolg!

Die Elternkommission


When Good English is Important

Just listening to this You Tube clip Air China talks to JFK Ground left me sweating a bit, for both the Air China pilot and the JFK Air Traffic Controller.

I have flown twice with China Air (in 1992 and 2005) and both times, the pilots’ English skills were good.

But the pilot from the following clip definitely should take a refresher course in English speaking and listening comprehension before flying again. I am sure, he has after this verbal and potentially dangerous mishap, which took place in 2006.

I could hardly understand the pilot’s English and to my fairly untrained ears in regards to understanding English spoken with a Chinese accent, his English sounded Chinese at times.

[youtube TrJbMATMSDE]

If you’d like to know the exact content of the dialogue, see this clip Air China “talks” to JFK Ground on You Tube.