Brunnenfest 2016 in Oberursel

Here are a few impressions from the Brunnenfest 2016 in Oberursel. We had planned to have a Bratwurst and a beer, and then go home after an hour. This turned into four hours, because at a local fest like this, you realize you do know quite a few people after twenty years of living here, albeit in an ‘international bubble community’.

Marktplatz Richtung Bücherei


Ebbelwoi Hofwirtschaft


Kirche und Laterne



German Lesson: der Brunnen

Some expats new to the area asked about the meaning of the word Brunnen and Brunnenfest in general. The German word Brunnen stands for fountain, well, and natural spring. The town of Oberursel has more than 60 fountains.

For the Oberursel Brunnenfest, each year a new Brunnenkönigin (fountain queen) gets chosen. This years’s Brunnenkönigin, Nadine I. represented Brunnenfest 2016, and one part of her official duties is to inaugurate the next fountain for the year.

This year’s fountain was the Urselbachbrunnen, located at the ‘Haus am Urselbach’. (Urselbach stands for Ursel Creek)

Brunnen in Oberursel

One of the 66 fountains in Oberursel

There are 26 fountains belonging to the town of Oberursel, and about another 40 fountains are in private hands.

Oberursel Brunnenstadt – the City of Fountains

With the upcoming Brunnenfest or Fountain Fest (1 June – 4 June, 2012), foreign residents around our area sometimes ask about the German meaning of Brunnen, which stands for: well, fountain, and spring.

The town of Oberursel is home to 68 Brunnen – with 40 owned by the city and 28 in private possession.

St. Ursula Brunnen in Oberursel

Fastnachtsbrunnen in Oberursel

Apfelweinbrunnen in Oberursel

For a complete list with photos of both privately owned and public fountains, visit Oberurseler Brunnen (website in German). Click on Private Brunnen (private) or Städtische Brunnen (public) to view each list.