Old Bakery at the Market Square in Oberursel

This former bakery (grey half-timbered house) at the market square in Oberursel first opened its doors for business on 14 Oct 1888. The first owner was Ferdinand Will.

Announcement in the paper ‘Bürgerfreund’



From the archives:

Marktplatz 13 Bäckerei Ferdinand Will 1904

Marktplatz 13 Bäckerei Müller H. 1936

Marktplatz 13 Bäckerei Horn Georg, 01.03.1939 – 31.10.1949

Marktplatz 13 Bäckerei Stenzel Kurt 1953

Credits go to H. Decher for her research and sharing the photos.

German Lesson: der Fussballkuchen

Tomorrow’s soccer match should prove to be an interesting one: Germany – USA.

There will be an American, a German-American and a German sitting on our sofa, cheering for either team, or both teams.

Good luck to both teams. I’m not taking sides. This is what I say now.


Post by Learn German.
Attention: The word, der Fussballkuchen, has been made up! But we do have der Käsekuchen, der Zwiebelkuchen, der Schokoladekuchen, etc.

Pizzeria at U-Bahn Kupferhammerweg near Camp King Oberursel

Whenever I do some research about Camp King, I inevitably stumble across comments mentioning the pizzeria on Hohemarkstrasse, which is across from the U-Bahn station Kuperhammerweg, close to the former military post Camp King. Also readers of this blog do occasionally mention the pizzeria, such as L.L.H. when she stated “I was wondering, is there still the Pizza shop (as you go out what was the front gate to the left)”.

Yes, the pizzeria is still there. When we moved here in 1995, it was run by two elderly Italian men. A few years later, another Italian family took over and has been running it since then.

We are regulars at this restaurant and one of our daughter’s first words was “Toni! Toni!” when she wanted their Rigatoni dish. That was a long time ago…

Anyway, here are some photos I took while walking from Camp King down Hohemarkstrasse to the pizzeria Del Golfo.

There is construction on the other side, a new housing development called Am Urselbach is in the making. At this corner, there used to be the gate.

Camp King corner facing east

Camp King corner facing east

This is the eastern end of Camp King, at the corner of Eichwäldchenweg and Hohemarkstrasse.

Camp King Allee sign post

Standing at the corner of Camp King Allee and Hohemarkstrasse.

Camp King corner facing north

Camp King corner facing north

The U-Bahn station Kupferhammerweg was redone a number of years back.

U-Bahn station Kupferhammerweg

U-Bahn station Kupferhammerweg

View from the U-Bahn station.

Looking back at Camp King

Looking back at Camp King

Also the pizzeria building got a new face – the facade was repainted several years ago.

Pizzeria Del Golfo

Pizzeria Del Golfo

The pizzeria does good business with very good food, reasonable prices, and friendly service.

Pizzeria Del Golfo

My next research will have me locate the bakery the reader L.L.H had mentioned, “also at the stop for the Ubahn there was a bakery that had some of the best breads and coffee. Would buy my coffee there for home use and have it fresh ground.”

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