German lesson: Schnee in Oberursel im Taunus

Some of you might wonder why Oberursel is often seen as Oberursel im Taunus or Oberursel/Ts. I had been told this was to set it apart from the other Oberursel located near Munich.

Now that I am researching this other Oberursel, it is nowhere to be found.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon we hiked up towards the Feldberg Mountain (near Schmitten) to finally see some snow. Look what I brought down from the mountain.

More snow Dec 2014

Snow December 2014

Today’s vocabulary:

der Schnee (snow)

schneien (to snow)

Es schneit gerade sehr viel. (It is snowing much right now)

Oberursel near the Taunus Feldberg Mountain

German word of the Day: die Umleitung

If you come to live in Oberursel, you’ll find yourself right in the middle between Frankfurt City (35 minutes by train) and the Feldberg Mountain (20 minutes by car).

Two days ago, the mountain had its first heavy snowfall and due to Eisbruch (ice disintegration) and tree branches falling off,  an Umleitung (detour) sign had to be put up.

Umleitung Feldberg

Feldberg Ast Dez 2014

This is what I call Winter Wonderland.

Feldberg Schnee Dez 2014

These photos were taken by @Bernd Lokki Peppler, published with his friendly permission.

Mountain Lodge, Camp King Oberursel October 2014

I passed through Camp King earlier in the afternoon when I found the lodge in scaffolding.

Much has been written about this area again, since there are plans to build another housing complex right behind it. I’d suppose this would cover the meadow between the Mountain Lodge and the forest area. We shall see.

Mountain Lodge Camp King Oberursel

Mountain Lodge Camp King Oberursel

Mountain Lodge left

Last, but not least, another billboard ad around the corner stated that eight out of the ten apartments have been sold.

This one shows its future design. Note the white and sterile design for the living room (second photo on the bottom left). We will get used to the idea.

Mountain Lodge Ad


Autumn Fest in the Rosengärtchen Oberursel

The shopping square in the Rosengärtchen 37 – 39 is hosting its first autumn festival and inviting everyone.

27 September 2014, 11:00 – 15:00

Herbstfest im Rosengärtchen

Herbstfest im Rosengärtchen

Various activities include:

* used book market

* private flea market

* open house

* coffee and cake, soup, and beverages

Bring your friends!

Camp King Oberursel and Open Monument Day

14 September 2014: The Kinderhaus in Camp King, where the Open Monument Day took place today, had its doors open to the public from 10am – 5pm. I helped out as a volunteer in the early part of the day.

There were about a dozen visitors around noon;  Hermann Schmidt offered  research service  in this room.

Open House at Camp King, Oberursel

Open House at Camp King, Oberursel

After listening to a very informative talk by Gerd Krämer, visitors were also shown short UFA films.

There were also a couple showcases of war memorabilia.



Translation for the picture below: In March 1945, when the camp was cleared, this file rack found its way to a suburb in Frankfurt. The new owner restored the rack, and to this day, it carries this sign on the bottom side of the lower shelf.


These medals belong to the Camp King Archive.

Kinderhaus at Camp King Oberursel

Kinderhaus at Camp King Oberursel