Where U.S. Americans liked to party in Oberursel РDisco La Soir̩e

What looks like a chapel (left side of the postcard) near the big corner guest house ‘Zum Bären’ used to be a ballroom in its very beginning. Then it became a movie theater (1913), which in turn became the infamous disco ‘La Soirée’ in later years (1975 – 1991).

Historical Postcard Restaurant Zum Bären in Oberursel

This black and white photo was taken by a U.S. soldier back in 1962.


  1. Fred Jones says

    This is awesome Maria! I was stationed at Camp King from 1984 – 1986. Very good times and memories. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Fred, thanks so much for your additional contribution!

  3. Both my sister and I went to La Soirée back in the 80’s. We lived in Friedrichsdorf with our parents. I remember my teen years fondly having worked summer hire at Camp King. Why “infamous “ La Soirée?

  4. The infamous part about La Soirée is just hearsay :-). Most people remember it very fondly for they fun they had, the silly things they did, and some lasting romances.

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