Life at the Motor Pool Oberursel, Germany, in the 1950s

Jack Stites, a former U.S. Army soldier and now a retired police officer, was stationed in Oberursel at the Motorenfabrik (Motor Pool) from January 1954 to January 1955. These are some of the photos he shared with me.

Oberursel, Germany

Goofing around, the boys were having fun.

The shipping trunk served as a writing desk for home-bound letters.

Looks like this photo was taken in some park in Oberursel, where there are many.


  1. Norman Kortus says

    I have read your posts with great interest. I was stationed in Oberursel from 1954 until 1956. At the Motor factory I lived off the post in Oberursel on Portstrasse #6. We rented a room in this home. The people that owned the home were named Jung. We lived there for about a year and then moved to a larger building in the downtown area. I do not remember the name of the street. I do remember that the rooms were above a laundry. I have been in contact with a man that lives in Oberursel, he is doing a history of the Motor factory. His name is Helmut Hujer. We visited Oberursel in 2014 with my cousin from Tamm. We were able to visit many of the places we remembered from our stay in Germany, we have great memories. Norman and Vivian Kortus

    Edit from the admin: I have taken the liberty to move your comment to this most previous post about the Motor Pool in Oberursel.

  2. Glad to hear you liked my post.
    I’m also in contact with Mr. Hujer, and I’ve assisted him once a bit in his research for his upcoming publication: 125 Years of the Motorenfabrik (better known to you as the Motor Pool)
    You can view your old address of Portstraße 6 in 61440 Oberursel right here:

  3. Hi Norman, Vivian

    You are alright?

    We lost contact

    I like to send to you a book of Oberursel in the years 1950, sind pictures. I am sure, you want it

    I need your postal adress.

    Jürgen Kortus

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