English Word Game

I start with a word and the next person writes a new word beginning with the last couple of letters (or three or four letters…) of the previous word.

This is the first one:



  1. temptation

  2. online

  3. liner

  4. nerve

  5. veil

  6. illegal

  7. gallop

  8. opal

  9. always

  10. sail

  11. ailment

  12. mentor

    Hi, Maria! Any news from Mr.Huang?

  13. torch

    …. no, not yet.

  14. charm

    No problem. Thank you so much, Maria.

  15. armor

    We’re not giving up yet either.

  16. order

    He is fighting with one of his biggest competitors in China and must be quite busy.:)

  17. dermatologist

  18. stair

  19. airborne

    soon… heading off to Mallorca for a few days.

  20. new

    Have a very pleasant trip, Maria!

  21. ewe

    Thanks, Michael! Did not realize when I booked the trip, it would be Thanksgiving in the U.S. on my departure date.

    My American husband is going to fix a turkey here in Germany, while I’m having tapas in Spain, and son Thomas in the U.K. will have… university cafeteria food.

  22. weave

    Hi, Maria. You are going to celebrate the festival. Have a good time!

  23. average

    Had a great time on Mallorca!

  24. generate

  25. eager

    I play with myself.:)

  26. The power of prepositions…:-)
    I assume you wanted to say: I play (this game) by myself.

    To play with oneself and to play by oneself are two completely different things.

    to play with oneself = beatstamur (unscramble it)

  27. The last comment got me sidetracked to the point I forgot to post the next word.

    eager -> geranium

    Here is a photo of one: http://www.maria-shipley.de/travelling-quotes/a-good-reason-to-travel-116/

  28. Very beautiful photo. Thank you Maria! Thank you also for your comments, you are an expert on grammar.


  29. lack

    I made a funny mistake last time.:). This time I played by myself again.

  30. keratin

    Yes, you did and it was quite funny!Cheers!

  31. tiny

    Making some funny mistakes can sometimes make people laugh, right?:)

    Laughing is a kind of relax, isn’t it?

    Have a nice day!

  32. “relaxation” should be the right word. Another funny mistake?:)

  33. No, this one was just a grammar mistake. “Of” is usually followed by a noun. But keep trying to make some funny mistakes. I liked the first one the best 🙂

    tiny -> nylon

  34. once

    Thank you Maria for your interesting comments. I hope more and more friends will come here to play this game and more funny mistakes will appear.:)

    Have a nice day!

  35. celebrate

    Yup, the more, the merrier!

  36. test

    I agree with you, Maria!

  37. standard

    Have a good weekend, Michael.

  38. draft

  39. afternoon

    Cold afternoon here, just the way it should be in winter.

  40. one

    We had our first snow of this year today and it became colder.

  41. neanderthal

    Terrible news about the Connecticut elementary school shooting. Loose gun laws do not help with lunatics running around.

  42. alien

    I really feel very sad when I watched the news on TV. Let’s pray for the children and their families.

  43. entice

  44. celebrate

  45. tendency

  46. cycle

    Dear Maria,

    I wish you and all the friends here a very happy and prosperous new year!

  47. clement

    Michael, 祝 你 们 新 年 快 乐!!

  48. mentor

    Happy new year, Maria! Your Chinese is so good!:)

  49. torchlight

  50. tidy

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