Electric car launch in Oberursel

As my post I have been walking for more than 45 years has created some interest, I decided to write a continuation.

Advances in technology have eased the way for consumers to reduce their walking. This is why the remote control was invented for your TV, VCR and cable box, among many other devices created for your convenience. But while it may be convenient to stay put on the sofa, your muscles, particularly your heart, won’t appreciate it. Getting up and taking a walk will even save you more time as it may reduce trips to your general practitioner and psychologist’s office. Walking is the best way to mental and physical health.

As a matter of fact, I am still walking everywhere. Over the years I have met dog owners, young mothers pushing strollers, senior citizens carrying their shopping, German students walking home from school, and many others who have sometimes stopped to talk. To some people, seeing somebody walking during the day might mean I am not employed and therefore I often have to excuse myself as I am on my way to the next appointment. But if I ever felt lonely, I would just go out and take a walk. (Don’t forget your camera either!) It is mind-cleansing, invigorating, and stimulating.

Taking a walk is a great way to socialize unless you opt for a walk in one of our dark and silent woods. And I will continue this lost art of walking, not only to save the environment from toxins, but also to … my own health.

But scientists and engineers have been working on inventing yet another means of transportation, namely the electric car. This project is supported by the Environmental Ministry of Hesse, which in turn offers this test electric car to the city of Oberursel from 3-30 April 2009. Various local companies have the chance to test-drive this car (a Citroen Berlingo) for a day or two.

The city of Oberursel invites local companies to participate in this testing phase. If you would like to use the car for a day, then please contact:

Herr Gessner oder Herr Rinker, Umweltamt Stadt Oberursel

e-Mail:  jens.gessner@oberursel.de
Tel. 06171 – 502- 306 or 502 – 310 .

The city will host a press conference on 3 April to launch this test.

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