Street Art by Markus Janista in Oberursel

Up until yesterday, I did not know we had another little gem hidden in Oberursel Vorstadt. It must have been hidden by all the merchandise the former shop PRESENT had out front. Now that the shop has been completely cleared out, this box became visible.

This painted power distribution box features a hibiscus (also known as rose of Sharon), and was done by Marcus Janista (

The shop window on the left used to belong to PRESENT, and its premises have been converted into an art gallery for the moment.

About the shop and its window on the right – I don’t even recall what it used to be.

Mr. Canister, we miss you.

Street Art by Markus Janista in Oberursel

It is always fun to discover another street art project by Markus Janista.

This one is in the Feldbergstraße in front of the Taunus Sparkasse.

Mohnblume by Markus Janista

die Mohnblume: poppy flower

For more about Street Art around the world by Lonely Planet, visit:

Street Art by Markus Janista, Oberursel

Yes, I do enjoy looking for his art works around the town. While downtown this past Saturday, we passed this one near the Epinay Platz. Markus’s specialty had been covering up the ugly power distribution boxes in Oberursel until his untimely death in 2017.

Art by Markus Janista

Street Art by Markus Janista, Oberursel

While on walk around the neighborhood, I discovered another street art project by Markus Janista (†), a local artist.

This one is located in the street Heinrich-Kappus-Weg, behind the former U.S. Officers’ Club at Camp King in Oberursel

Art by Markus Janista a.k.a. Canister

Ms. Heidi Decher, associated with the Historical Society in Oberursel, is also on the lookout for more of his art works. If you spot any by Markus Janista, which is not in her portfolio yet, please share them with her.

View her present collection here:

Contact Ms. Decher at:

Kids’ Sidewalk Art in Oberursel, Germany

We enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood, especially on Sundays when all the shops are closed and fewer people are around.

This sidewalk art says gute Gesundheit, which means ‘good health, and was done in front of the Camp King pharmacy. The rainbow represents a symbol of hope for all the children, who have to stay home now.

Camp King pharmacy in Oberursel

The next one, done by the same artist(s), had the same message, and was left in front of the EDEKA supermarket. Gute Gesundheit!

This one had a more explicit description of the current situation. ‘Stay Home’.

COVID-19 as sidewalk art

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