CineStar Metropolis on Strike

Posted 29 July 2012:

Last night, when our son and his friend got home early from the movies  in Frankfurt, we were surprised to learn that the movie theater CineStar Metropolis is on strike. They were not able to see the movie The Dark Night Rises.

He was given a flyer, which stated the strikers’ case.


.… We run the cash register, check your tickets, run the service counter and the film. We sell you Coke and popcorn. Many of us earn euro 7,42 per hour (before taxes). Only a few of us earn more than euro 8,00 an hour. We can’t make a living on this, especially not in this expensive Rhine-Main area. Our pay is also lower than at other movie theaters.

We are on strike for a pay-raise and better working conditions. Only a good tariff/labor agreement can help ensure this.

Dear movie goers, we ask for your understanding. Please also consider that our pay (working nights and weekends) is considerably lower than the price of your movie ticket.

We will be back when all this settled.

The strikers of the Metropolis movie theater


Our daughter had gone to see the same movie on Thursday (26 July) and I noticed her student ticket was euro 9,00. Adult tickets are generally euro 11,90.

I understand the workers’ situation and hope for the best.

Extension Plans for Frankfurt International School

The building plans (Bebauungsplan) for the extension of Frankfurt International School (FIS), located in Oberursel, can be viewed at the town hall in Oberursel at the Info-Center (4th floor of Building A), and online on the town’s website:

(No longer available)

Any comments/objections must be submitted by 31 August 2012.

Oberursel Brunnenstadt – the City of Fountains

With the upcoming Brunnenfest or Fountain Fest (1 June – 4 June, 2012), foreign residents around our area sometimes ask about the German meaning of Brunnen, which stands for: well, fountain, and spring.

The town of Oberursel is home to 68 Brunnen – with 40 owned by the city and 28 in private possession.

St. Ursula Brunnen in Oberursel

Fastnachtsbrunnen in Oberursel

Apfelweinbrunnen in Oberursel

For a complete list with photos of both privately owned and public fountains, visit Oberurseler Brunnen (website in German). Click on Private Brunnen (private) or Städtische Brunnen (public) to view each list.

Worldfest 2012 at Frankfurt International School

Don’t miss Worldfest at Frankfurt International School in Oberursel.

For more information, visit Frankfurt International School: Worldfest 2012.

FIS Radio Broadcast at Hessentag

Frankfurt International School (FIS) Radio, that is Noel, Nicki, Rebekka, Gery, Karl, Justin and Marco, would like to invite you to their radio broadcast on the Hessentag radio station on:

Thursday, 16 June, from 14:00 – 15:00.

They have interesting things in store for you: good music, reports, as well as interviews with teachers and students.
You can listen to the broadcast at UKW 96.1 FM or via live stream at hessentagsradio.

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