German and Spanish Internet Terminology

My niece, Kathrin Flierenbaum, just published her first book on Spanish and German terms used in the Internet.

The book is split into two parts.  She first reviews the theories of “Fachsprache” (or specialized terminology) in general —  how they’re defined, how they’ve developed over time, etc. — always in relation to Spanish and other Romance languages.  In addition to revisiting and revising these older definitions, she places them within a more current context.

In the second part she puts her knowledge of Spanish and information technology into practice by examining current Spanish terminology used in the Internet. She goes on to investigate how Spanish speakers apply English words, the extent which they’ve created their own Spanish terminology, and ways in which other topics relate to the subject.

When asked what prompted her to publish such a book, she cited her own struggle to find sources while doing research in this area. There were some outdated versions available, but nothing was current.  So Kathrin perceived a need to publish a new work in this area.  To pursue the practical side of the matter, she traveled to Madrid and returned with an assortment of Spanish computer magazines.

Other details about the book are found on the book’s back cover and in Amazon’s product description.

Fachsprache im Spanischen: mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Terminologie der Wirtschaftsinformatik
is for readers of German and Spanish and available from

Spanish Learning Video ¡A Por Ello!

Ben and Marina have made a super Spanish-packed new video for you, full of useful phrases, with their new trademark analysis section in English at the end, so you don’t miss a thing!

Find out why Ben “está hecho un guarro”, why Marina “tiene una inquietud” (but isn’t “inquieta”!), and discover Ben’s sister’s excellent September Spanish learning trick.

Watch the new ¡A Por Ello! video on their blog.

They’ve listed all the great phrases in the blog post too, so you get to read and listen (just as you would with their podcast worksheets).

Should I Twitter?

I blog and use Facebook occasionally. Should I Twitter (a microblogging service) as well or get a life?

Just kidding!

Anyway, after having read When Stars Twitter, a Ghost May be Lurking in the International Herald Tribune, I got curious about this service and visited Ben Curtis’s Twitter. (He and his wife Marina run Notes from Spain, an excellent website for learning Spanish and more.) Even though they have won the Lonely Planet Best Expat Blog Award, I think Ben still does all the twittering himself…

Now if I start Twittering as well, does this make me cool or narcissistic? My friends are on either end of this cyber spectrum.

Enjoy the clip and don’t forget to tweet about it.

[youtube PN2HAroA12w]

Effective Distance Language Learning

When I lived in Japan in the early to mid-nineties, I found it quite revolutionary to be giving lessons over the phone. This was the precursor for today’s distance learning via internet.
It can’t get more comfortable than studying at home as well as choosing your own most suitable time of day for learning. You can study around the clock and keep free of appointments.
For most of us in this global market, the knowledge of a foreign language is an asset to make yourself more marketable in today’s economy.
Transparent, a language-learning site, features all these products and services you need to learn a new language.
Their products and services cater to individuals, educators, businesses, as well as government instutitions.
You will learn to use the language in context with the help of their computerized immersion program using video, audio and text. You can choose your own pace, carry dialogs and discussion, and games and activities will round off your learning progress.
Is your company sending you to Spain? If so, then learn to speak Spanish before you go. Give yourself a headstart.
Are you thinking about buying a retirement home in Southern France? Then your financial investment should be accompanied by a time investment geared at learn to speak French.
Whether you are a lover of Italian opera or cuisine, the knowledge of the language will intensify your experience. So learn to speak Italian.

Proverbia en español

Hay hombres que parecen tener sólo una idea y es una lástima que sea equivocada.

Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870)

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