1970s at Camp King Oberursel

Camp King’s former Hausmeister had collected publications and photos related to his work place. These binders have just been donated to the Camp King archives.

Most of the inquiries I receive about Camp King are by former residents (personnel and family members) from their time here in the 70s, and so I took a few photos of the binder’s 70s’ content to share them here with you.

Below are two photos of the LTCs serving from 1973 – 1976.

Colonel Glunn

Colonel Glunn

Colonel Henderson

Colonel Henderson

The binder included various local newspaper articles, such as this one about German guests at the Officers’ Club at Camp King.

Steak & Pizza Night at the Mountain Lodge Camp King

Steak & Pizza Night at the Mountain Lodge Camp King

*Photo on top – caption reads: German guests were invited not only to the monthly parties, such as here in May 1975, but  also to  “Steak – and Pizza Nights” at the Officers’ Club.

From left,  Mr. and Mrs. Gabler, Mr. Withe, Mrs. Sindy Withe, , LTC Leeper with Mrs. Gajdosch, LTC Rostigan, Mrs. Leeper on the right.

*Center photo (seated right to left) – caption reads: Mrs. Joshida, Mrs. Gajdosch, LTC Rostigan, Mrs. Rostigan, Mrs. Leeper

*Bottom photo: Cpt. Don Remey and Mrs. Emi Remey

Thanksgiving at Camp King Oberursel 1975

Thanksgiving at Camp King Oberursel 1975

This article states that Col Henderson invited the kleinen Leute (lower class ranking German personnel) to Thanksgiving dinner. The little people included the mail carrier, the city librarian, the receptionist and others working for Oberursel city hall. This was arranged to improve relations between the locals and the occupation force.

The caption below the bottom photo reads: Thanksgiving was celebrated earlier for its guests on Tuesday. Numerous representatives from the local government, fire department, police, library, German Federal Railways,  and postal service as well as other institutions sat together enjoying turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and pumpkin pie.

The town councilors refrained from the feast – they sent their secretaries instead.

If any one of you would like to see a much bigger version of this photo, let me know and I can mail it to you. I had to downsize the photos to e-mail format to put them on the blog.




    I served at Camp King from 1971 until 1976 and then again from 1987 until 1990, working for both Colonels Glunn and Henderson. Great memories.

  2. I served as a Spec. 4 in the Motor Pool 1972-1975, under SSG George Kapono. Lt. Poole, Capt Blisset, SSSG Glover,. I remember I was picked for the CEDAK or drug tests mornings, that is I monerterd the tests and reported to you Lt. Poole or the other Lt., cannot remember his name. Glad to read your comments, hope to find more.

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