Schiesser Underwear

Native English speakers with some basic knowledge of German and the habitual misreading of the letters “ie” versus “ei” might get a little laugh out of this company’s name.

Underwear by Schiesser, a very renowned underwear German company, is on display. In May of this year, Israeli apparel manufacturer and marketer Delta Galil bought Schiesser for EUR68 million.

Schiesser has always been the trademark for high quality underwear. As a matter of fact, their reputation for excellent quality was so high, that growing up in the 60s, we would have considered ourselves lucky if we had gotten any for Christmas. It just sounded like a good and high-priced item, and unaffordable for us.

Not that we kids really wanted underwear for Christmas. But we heard the lucky adults oohing and uh–huhing if they got any.

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