German Homeschoolers granted U.S. Asylum

There it is finally, the first German applicants for educational freedom of choice have been granted political asylum in the United States. This battle had been going on for quite a while and I had posted about Homeschooling in Germany a while ago.

Kinderlehrer from Educating Germany had been part of this battle all along. Their website is (quoting): Passionately supporting home education (aka homeschooling) law reform in Germany as a human right. In contrast, for those new to the situation in Germany: home educating is (perceived as) illegal. The common citation for forced school attendance is to protect against parallel societies.

Visit Educating Germany‘s website to learn more about the current home educating situation in Germany.

As I had stated in a previous post from April 2009, I do not homeschool my own children, but I believe in having the right to do so.

As Mike Donnelly, staff attorney and Director of International Relations for HSLDA stated,  “It is embarrassing for Germany since a western nation should uphold basic human rights, which include allowing parents to raise and educate their own children. This Judge understood the case perfectly and he called Germany out. We hope this decision will cause Germany to stop persecuting homeschoolers.”

The German Tagesschau had the following report: US judge grants German homeschooling family asylum.

I do not know how long Educating Germany has been fighting for the right to homeschool children in Germany, but I am sure they feel elated by this outcome.

Germany and its people are just so habitual at times. It takes forever to change laws, introduce new ideas, and implement new strategies. On the other hand,  it comes as no surprise that the United States acted upon this precedent. Change for the Germans might produce a loss of security or angst. I was raised like this and often reminded to stick to what I know and NOT to deviate.

This German family seeking political asylum is not representative of the majority of Germans – the Romeike family actually fought for a change.


  1. Kinderlehrer says

    Liebe Maria

    Thank you so much for your continued support and coverage of this issue. Ich weiss es zu schaetzen. 🙂

    This decision is an exciting one but also tinged with the sadness that the Romeike’s had no choice but to leave their homeland.

    If though it leverages a burden upon the German government, so that the tipping point is reached, then they have succeeded.

    To answer your musing about how long Educating Germany has been active, it will be 3 years come March 1st 2010 – just a short time compared to the hardships that German families have been suffering.

  2. It must be embarrassing for the German government – especially the foreign office and diplomats posted to the U.S. – to be put into a category with other countries whose citizens apply for asylum.

    Strangely, things work in Germany the other way round. Even though Germany has ratified UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child), for asylum seekers here the asylum laws are placed above the requirements of the convention. Hence the asylum seekers’ children do not have an automatic right to go to school here.

    ¡Tenemos derechos! – Wir sind Rechthaber! is a campaign from the DPSG (German Catholic Scouts) to make people aware of this, and other deficits in Childrens’ rights.

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